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The African Invasion Force

The citizens of Italy are pissed! That’s because authorities dumped more than 7,000 African migrants on the island of Lampedusa — an island in the Mediterranean Sea boasting a total population of 6,556. So overnight, the number of people living on the island more than doubled, bringing widespread crime, violence, noise and unrest.

Whether in Canada and the United States, Australia or Europe, the time has come to kick out those government officials who are arranging and allowing these caravans. We do not want this wanton, widespread immigration. it’s no immigration at all, but a dubious master plan to replace all of us and dumb down the populace.

Joe Biden, get the hell out of Dodge. Pierre Trudeau, go jump in a lake. Even Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is proving to be as corrupt and evil as the rest of the World Economic Forum pact.  Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.


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