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Macron’s Insane Remarks

French Premier Emmanuel Macron vows to “piss off” the unvaccinated. This comes after Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau expressed his intolerance for the unvaccinated. Make no mistake about it, these “so-called” leaders have gone off the deep end. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s a double dose of Paul Joseph Watson. In this second video, he turns his attention to Australia and its persecution of tennis star Novak Djokavic. It’s a show trial. The Victorian government granted Djokavic an exemption to travel to Australia, so the government now is simply displaying its abject tyranny.


They Got It Wrong Again

Boys who cried wolf. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

What Have They Done To Us?

Keep coomplying. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Mask Karens Out Of Control

They must be stopped. More from Paul Joseph Watson.


The boys who cried wolf. More from Paul Joseph Watson.



The Evil of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to dissect the evil agenda of the mRNA gene therapy, masquerading as a vaccine where the citadel of the cell is hijacked and forced to manufacture weapons of death, as big pharma and the NWO execute a global coup to hijack God’s creation.

Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson plays a bearer of good news. Omicron was built up to be a killer, but it barely appears to be sending anyone to the hospital. Yet many people are running scared and cowering in fear. Is this a proportionate response?

Booster Song Could Be Worst Yet

Paul Joseph Watson reviews the new propaganda song from Adriana Grande and Jimmy Fallon. Their new pro-booster ditty has got to be the worst Christmas song since Lady Gaga sang Christmas Tree.


Banning Talk At The Table!

These people are off the reservation! More about masker nutballs from Paul Joseph Watson.

Germany Has Fallen

Germany and authoritarianism. Name a more iconic duo. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Forever Virus

Another day, another variant. And this one is supposedly vaccine resistant. How many scams are the elite going to try to pull with the pandemic? More from Jordan Sather with Destroying the Illusion.

Paul Joseph Watson says the brand new South African mutation of covid — the Omicron strain — has produced an onslaught of attempted fear-mongering. Don’t fall for it. So far,  this variant looks just as flimsy as the last few ones. And its arrival, just ahead of the start of the Ghislaine Maxwell-Jeffrey Epstein pedophile trial, is most suspicious. Looks like the powers that be want to divert attention away from that trial.

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