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Get woke, go broke. More from Paul Joseph Watson.


It’s okay when we do it! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

It’s Back

As predicted. Face masks again are making a surge, although there’s absolutely no proof they do anything positive. And actually quite a lot of evidence to show they stunt the language development of children. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Rage Against The Cringe

Everyone’s favorite revolutionary rock larpers are back. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Farmers Revolt In Netherlands

The Netherlands erupts. The Liberal World Order has seen better days. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Look Inside War-Torn Ukraine

John Mark Dougan’s documentary, Azovstal, vividly shows viewers the frontline of the Ukraine war. He shows fresh war footage, interviews journalists, scholars and war victims. You will also see the catacombs used as a military bunker by the Ukrainians.

When he says it smells like death, it literally does. What he doesn’t tell you is the fact that dead soldiers bodies are laying around the catacombs. It’s a real war zone. More from Sarah Westall via her channel Business Game Changers.

Meanwhile, most Europeans and Americans are losing interest in Ukraine. They no longer believe what their liberal governments tell them is true. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Good News

Believe it or not. Hollywood finally produces a certified hit, Top Gun: Maverick, that pulls in more than $1 billion by not pandering to woke bullshit. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Surprise J6 Witness A Plant?

The surprise J6 committee witness Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson, appears to be nothing more than a low-level staffer who has only damaged the claims of the committee and vindicated President Trump. She was likely a PLANT!  Also, more on Jeffrey Epstein protegee Ghislaine Maxwell and her sentencing. More from RedPill78.

Here, Body Language Ghost — formerly Bombard’s — analyzes Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony and peculiar body language gestures.  One detail that the Body Language Ghost missed. Hutchinson is wearing a necklace whose centerpiece forms a “Q.” Could be significant, we don’t mind pointing out.


Amber Heard 2.0. It’s a total fabrication. So says Secret Service agents. Paul Joseph Watson amplifies on the fiction.

The January 6th hearings continue unabated in the attempt to completely discredit and destroy Donald Trump—in the hopes of demoralizing his supporters and removing all chances of him ever holding office again.

It didn’t go well for the committee out to get Trump this week, or for the media. In fact, it was an utter embarrassment. Let’s take a look at the schemes, the players, and the fallout as never-Trumpers play fast and loose with the truth. More from Lori Colley.

Sex Strike!

Your terms are acceptable. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Hoes Mad

The Supreme seethe. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

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