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I’ve Had Enough

Ana Kasparian, one of the most vociferous, loud mouth leftists on The Young Turks,  now says she’s had enough. She’s backing off from defending race riots, store looters and nonstop streams of illegal aliens.  Seems she’s starting to realize just how much damage is being done to the communities where all this rampant crime and looting occurs.

Businesses shut down. Jobs disappears. People are murdered. They are afraid to walk the streets or even leave their homes. It’s not at all progressive when big cities turn into eyesores — an endless waste land.

Ana Kasparian admitting she was wrong and a mindless stooge isn’t going to solve the monumental problems that The Young Turks unleashed. But at least now, we  can start to see the pendulum begin to swing. Look for the left to continue to implode and crack. Here’s more from the Liberal Hivemind.

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