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Can You Solve This Riddle?

Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are in a race? Who’s going to win the race? And which of them will prove to be dumber? More from The United Spot.

Are Conservatives Dumb?

Science has proven conservatives are “low effort thinkers” with low IQs. Is this valid proof that conservatives are dumb? Or are scientists the ones fudging with the facts, playing mind games to cast aspersions on their critics? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Joe Biden Embarrasses America

Is there any politician in recent memory as embarrassing as Joe Biden? Wednesday he met privately with Vladimir Putin at the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom. Good thing it was private, so the world at large won’t witness the dressing down that Putin likely delivered to the Buffoon, Biden. More from Mark Dice.

Tim Pool echoes these comments. Joe Biden, he says, is getting humiliated by Putin. Biden is so stupid and poorly prepared that he’s using a cheat sheet of “flash cards” to help him address Putin. In other words, Liberals have given us a nincompoop as president. What a bunch of weasels and chumps!

Joe Biden Snaps

We all know Joe Biden is dumber than a box of rocks. Someone that stupid could never be elected President of the United States.

This week, Biden proved again and again that he’s a loose cannon and a pitiful excuse for a President. More from Mark Dice.

Hey Joe: Put Up Or Shut Up!

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is challenging American President Joe Biden to a live debate. This comes after Biden, the U.S. moron in chief, recklessly called Putin a killer.

More from The Salty Cracker, who says Putin is preparing for Potato Harvest.

The Weakest World Leader

Joe Biden might well be the weakest world leader in history. How much damage will be done to the United States under the control of such a mental midget? More from Mr. Reagan.

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Hypocrisy of the Protests

The Black Lives Matter protests are the handiwork of stupid and immoral Democrats. Stupid because they don’t recognize how their party is responsible for many modern-day evils, including warfare in the Middle East and the return of slavery to Libya. Immoral because they rail against President Donald Trump when, in fact, Trump has studiously avoided getting the United States embroiled in another war, while Hillary Clinton made it clear she intended to fight in Syria, as well as possibly Iran and North Korea. In other words, Trump has avoided useless conflicts while the Democrats thrived upon them. Here, this hypocrisy is laid bare by a philosophical chap, whose identity is unknown.

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What A Year!

Mark Dice takes stock of 2019 — the year that was.

Paul Joseph Watson says we’re living in the stupidest time in history. Good riddance 2019!

Dumbest Criminals of All Time

If you’ve ever wondered why our jails and prisons are so well-populated, it’s because their residents aren’t the brightest people on the planet. Take Eloise D. Reaves, who closed a deal on some crack cocaine, but wasn’t very happy with her purchase. Unfortunately, no one told her that buying drugs is an art and you don’t have the option to exchange or refund your purchase.

So Reaves had the gall to go to police and complain about the quality of the cocaine she had just purchased. She pulled the rock from her mouth, placed it on the police car for the officer to inspect and was immediately charged with possession. If only she could have stolen someone else’s brain. Tune in to as it counts down the 10 dumbest criminals of all time.

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Debunking Dumb Myths

Danger Dolan returns with a feature about the 10 dumbest myths about iconic wonders on the planet. Take the Empire State Building in New York City, once the world’s tallest building. A persistent myth surrounding the Big Apple structure is that you can kill someone by dropping a penny on him or her from the building’s roof. That would be an impossibility, since most light objects are caught in a powerful updraft and blown back up to the 81st floor. The small objects not caught in the updraft are blown out to the Hudson River.

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