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Adrenochrome Cartel Crushed

One of the world’s largest cartels, if not the largest, involved in the illegal adrenochrome trade has been crushed in the Ukraine and Poland by U.S. special forces acting in cooperation with their counterparts from Russia. The fight pitted the US forces, under the direction of General Eric M. Smith, and a team of Russian Spetznas under the command of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Journalist Michael Baxter provided details on his website, claiming the joint military operation brought down the Radchenko Cartel — controlled by Petro Radchenko — responsible for at least half of the adrenochrome exported globally beyond the borders of Ukraine. Baxter reported, “the joint unit capsized a multi-billion-dollar Adrenochrome cartel that had been operating with impunity along the Ukraine-Poland border. Sources said the unit spent the first half of October dismantling the Radchenko Cartel, which kidnapped countless children, sucked their adrenal glands dry, and, after nourishing them back to reasonable health, sold them to pedophiles and into sex slavery. Reportedly, children can be drained several times before adrenal fluid becomes inert.”

The website claims that the billions of defense dollars Joe Biden has given Ukraine are meant to prop up Radchenko’s wretched global adrenochrome trade and keep the drug supplies running for adrenochrome abusers, scattered from Hollywood to Moscow. But Radchenko won’t be supplying the drug any longer.

Russia sent missiles showering down on his villa in Kviv, killing him, his mistress and two dozen armed guards. Numerous drug facilities also were destroyed across Poland and Ukraine, including a dealer’s swanky villa in  Hrubieszów, Poland, and an industrial park in Lutsk, Ukraine, used as a transport hub for the drug dealing trade.

Here’s a video from Dobie_Tejas that captures more details from the operation. We have no way to gauge the veracity of any of these claims, so we caution you: This could be a strong blow against pedophiles and drug criminals, but it also could be a smokescreen, involving pro-Russian propaganda. We present these assertions so you can strive to learn more and, hopefully, help end the rancid adrenochrome trafficking.

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