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Nancy Jets Off To Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi’s unannounced trip to Ukraine to offer the puppet Volodyrmy Zelensky a $32 billion military aide package. Of course, that’s minus the kickbacks due to the dirty Democrats. They needed to boost their election campaign fund this year, seeing as how the polls show rising public anger over Joe Biden’s rotten-to-the-core administration. More from The Rachel Maria.

Another $33B For Deep State?

While stumblin’, bumblin’ Joe Biden struggled to get through another speech, he certainly was well enough to propose another $33 billion for the Ukrainian military.

The Duran’s Alex Christofou posits that the move is a smokescreen and just another giant payload for the Deep State. He explains further, plus reveals the true might of the Russian assault, despite fake news media reports that Ukraine is holding its own, plus more.

Candace Owens As Nostradamus

After Candace correctly called the corrupt nature of Black Lives Matter, she offers five new predictions for the future.

Zelensky’s Satanic War Crimes

The Stew Peters Show, guest hosted by Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall, detail the satanic war crimes committed by Volodymyr Zelensky’s Nazi battalions in occupied territory of Ukraine, including the rape and pillaging of innocent civilians and the carving of swastikas into the chest of dead children.

Witzke and Szall also welcome DeAnna Lorraine back to discuss the upgrade to antidepressants, including implanted micro-trackers. Lorraine also exposes the threats of transhumanism and mass population compliance. Here’s more from The Stew Peters Show.

Zelensky Steals You From Fauci

Excuse me for believing you when you told me I was special. So says the abandoned Dr. Anthony Fauci. More from FreedomToons.

Hunter Implicated In Biolabs

Hunter Biden and the usual cast of characters have been implicated in the Ukrainian Bio Labs! More from RedPill78.

Ukraine Crisis: All About Power

The truth surrounding the Urkrainie crisis is all coming together and the facts will shock the world. Host Big John, from The Prepared Mind, says, “This is about power, this is about money. This is SHTF, folks.”

Big John adds it’s all coming out and the same criminals will be implicated–Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Volodymry Zelensky and secret people. Here’s his detailed analysis.

War Is Hell: Ukraine, Anywhere

John Mark Dougan joins me for our weekly discussion about the war in Ukraine, his recent visit there and some uncomfortable truths the MSM won’t tell you. Watch till the end, viewer discretion advised.  More from RedPill78.

If you’re wondering why RT, the Russian news agency, has been banned by YouTube, here’s one possibility.

This is the kind of report the Western “democracies” don’t want their citizens to see. RT goes inside a prison camp in the Luhansk region of the Ukraine, run for the past eight years by the Neo-Nazi battalion called Aidar. Here, in a former sausage factory, prisoners were not only raped, but also beaten and thrashed. In other words, this wasn’t just a prison, but quite literally a torture camp.

So much for the propaganda that Ukraine is some sort of bastion of democracy and liberalism. The National Endowment for Democracy and CIA were said to be involved with this camp, as well as the Lithuanian, Canadian and British Armed Forces. More from Plazma.

Pelosi on Zelensky and P-P-Putin

When the going gets tough, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets tanking. More from The Rachel Maria.

[Deep State] Assets Seized

The [Deep State] is in trouble, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is now making the rounds and visiting countries, which means they already lost. Russian President Vladimir Putin just seized the [Deep State] assets in Ukraine and barred them from entering. Trump puts out a statement that their crimes are going to be finally revealed. What we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard. More from the X22 Report.

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