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Eve Of Destruction

Members of the Khazarian Mafia are pushing us all to the brink of destruction. These globalists fanatics are running scared because much of humanity has caught up with their evil ways. We know about the creeps like Bill Gates and the Hollywood goons who partied hard with Jeffrey Epstein, raping children and thinking they were hot shit.

Can they detonate a few nukes to try to get away from punishment for their crimes against humanity? They just might try, but we’ve all got our eyes on these criminals now.

We know who they are, and we have a pretty good idea of the crimes they have committed. Unleashing World War III might confuse the situation for a spell, but it’s not going to alter the course of the universe. Eventually, the goons will be taken down, and taken out, and they will pay a heavy price for what they have done. Here’s more from Clif High.

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