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Is Hillary Clinton ‘Gone Now’?

Has Hillary Rodham Clinton been “removed” for her crimes against children and humanity at large? Former President Donald Trump eludes as much.

During a press conference, he says, she’s “sorta gone now.” That’s among the many topics addressed in this latest video from And We Know.

Also in this edition: Military veterans are honored. Trump is set to testify at the sham New York City trial orchestrated by Peekaboo Letitia James, New York’s corrupt attorney general.

Truth to power. Will Trump also work to release the January 6th tapes? It’s high time we see full public exposure, not the censored malarkey kicked around the block by the fake news outlets.

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One thought on “Is Hillary Clinton ‘Gone Now’?

  1. Andy Thomas on said:

    This is all good news, especially HRC. People needed to hear that from the top. Thank you, POTUS Trump.

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