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Totally Fascist School Board

“You’re done!,” screams Josh Waldorf, the vice chairman of the Pennsbury School Board to parents opposed to critical race theory. This is a school board in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, composed of nine members, all of them Democrats. Watch as they badger members of the public who question critical race theory as well as board expenditures at a meeting conducted May 20,2021.

Parents across the United States need to challenge these kinds of fascists and begin to establish school boards that are more open and honest, and less under the control of hardcore Leftists. More from Simon Campbell.

Spoiled Ballots Tossed In PA

In a violation of both state and federal law, the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, clerk’s office illegally tossed a batch of “spoiled ballots” into a dumpster outside their headquarters. The law required any such ballots be retained and warehoused for a period of 22 to 24 months in cases of court challenges or questioning about vote counts. Here, the Board of Elections Director for Bucks County, Tom Freitag, confirms that these ballots were not properly handled. More from Project Veritas.

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