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The Taxes On Stupid

Everyone knows the odds of winning a $100 million lottery are about as likely as getting struck by lightning three times in a row. Yet the lure of $100 million smackers is strong and folks continue to pile millions into the jackpots everyday.

Simply put, this is a tax on stupid, says Coach Red Pill. The bad news is there are other taxes on stupidity and they’re all around in our society. “Especially of late,” says the Coach. “The elites are becoming more rapacious and are willing to milk and slaughter all the cows.”

Among the more repugnant taxes on stupid, says Coach, come from the attraction of investing in the crypto currency craze and the ever-speculative stock market. As for day trading–major tax on stupid! Here’s more with Coach Red Pill.

The Dangers Of Day Trading

Collin Plume of Noble Gold joins me today for a talk about the dangers of investing with apps like Robinhood. Did you know through this app you can get suckered into leveraging your entire life savings, or hundreds of thousands of dollars you don’t even have? We also discuss precious metals and crypto as investment options & the IRS is starting to REALLY track what you do with crypto. More from RedPill78.

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