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Hedge Fund Scalped $4.5 Billion

WallStreetBets is WINNING the war against greedy SHORT SELLING hedge funds. Melvin Capital lost 53% of its assets, losing $4.5 Billion in January alone. The Reddit Army, Gamers and working people have exposed that the game is rigged. Exchanges like Robinhood have restricted people’s ability to trade stocks like GME. POWER TO THE PLAYERS. More from Mr. Obvious.


Can the little guys teaming together bring down the corrupt system? Here, McAllister TV and Dustin Nemos examine the GameStop silver bullet! Has REDDIT stabbed the Central Bankers in the heart and made them cry?

WE’RE BACK! Voters are waking up to the truth about Joe Biden. Steven has a list of “Republicans” who are dead to him. Plus, that lawsuit we were talking about… Steven Crowder is back on Louder with Crowder.


The Dangers Of Day Trading

Collin Plume of Noble Gold joins me today for a talk about the dangers of investing with apps like Robinhood. Did you know through this app you can get suckered into leveraging your entire life savings, or hundreds of thousands of dollars you don’t even have? We also discuss precious metals and crypto as investment options & the IRS is starting to REALLY track what you do with crypto. More from RedPill78.

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