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The Coming Depression

Bob Kudla joins me to discuss the Twitter bot situation, market collapse and oddities surrounding the recent Buffalo shooter. More from RedPill78.

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The [Central Banks], set up and run by the Rothschilds, are being exposed. As a result, they are fading, cracking and crumbling. We are learning how twisted, evil and corrupt these establishments have been. The handiwork of the Khazarian Mafia might disappear before our eyes. The fight in Ukraine is certainly taking out their home bases as well as the biolabs. More from Clif High.

Badmouth Crypto, Face The Mob

When you talk bad about crypto, these guys have something to say. More from Ryan Long, appearing along with Danny Polishchuk and Ian Fidance.

Globalist Attack On Crypto

Many who hold Bitcoin, Ethereum or forms of crypto believe these currencies aren’t as vulnerable as fiat money.

But Mike Adams from the Health Ranger Report says the central banks and their globalist allies have launched a series of attacks on cyptocurrencies.  He see the frequency and severity of these attacks now increasing.

What to do? Can the globalists actually wipe out Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other crypto coins? How might they do so? Adams explains, while recommending shifting into hard assets — including gold, silver, land or useful tools, like tractors and night vision goggles.

Evergrande Default Confirmed

Evergrande, the largest property developer in Communist China, has now officially defaulted. The company’s assets have been seized by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) but are only worth a fraction of what investors — many of them overseas — originally gave the company.

With the default, global financial contagion is now imminent, says Mike Adams of Natural News. We might see a series of investment companies, banks, hedge funds and other firms going belly up or facing tight financial constraints.

Already, over the weekend, the rolling uncertainty walloped the cryptocurrency markets. Some of these currencies lost nearly 20 percent in one night, and some two trillion dollars vanished in the bubble. We’re likely to see other markets — stocks and bonds, for instance — also heavily whacked, with margin calls made.



Port Chaos: Shipping Crisis

Bob Kudla joins RedPill78 for their monthly meet to discuss all things financial, including the collapse of China’s Evergrande, what it means, the shipping chaos and the implications for war with Taiwan. The conversation also gets into the Fed pushing people into crypto and the connection between the jab and cancer confirmed and explained.

The demise of the Biden presidency, empty shelves, empty promises, threats, and lies. Plus the victories of those who refuse to submit. More from Lori Colley.

The Taxes On Stupid

Everyone knows the odds of winning a $100 million lottery are about as likely as getting struck by lightning three times in a row. Yet the lure of $100 million smackers is strong and folks continue to pile millions into the jackpots everyday.

Simply put, this is a tax on stupid, says Coach Red Pill. The bad news is there are other taxes on stupidity and they’re all around in our society. “Especially of late,” says the Coach. “The elites are becoming more rapacious and are willing to milk and slaughter all the cows.”

Among the more repugnant taxes on stupid, says Coach, come from the attraction of investing in the crypto currency craze and the ever-speculative stock market. As for day trading–major tax on stupid! Here’s more with Coach Red Pill.

Economic Apocalypse Pending

Bob Kudla joins Zak Paine for another conversation about the economic state of America and what’s to come. Look for gold and silver, as well as cryptocurrencies, to shine in the year ahead. But there will be turmoil, especially the home rental market, as companies like Blackrock scarf up more of the dwellings on the market. More from RedPiull78.

The controllers at the White House can’t be too happy with their boy Joey. What a mess at the G7! God’s promises never fail, and things are getting HOT in the key audits where 13 states who—like the original 13 colonies—are taking notes. More from Lori Colley.

On today’s second episode of RPN, we look a little deeper at some new information from Fulton County and look ahead at the audits coming I the wake of Maricopa County completing theirs! Happy Birthday Mr. President! Also, a secret Department of Justice investigation has been revealed on some high-level Democrat members of the House, including Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff! More from RedPill78.

Fake Alien News Abounds

Why all the sudden surge in fake alien news? Could it be to take people’s eyes off the real news? Namely, election audits are now under way in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan. These audits are showing that massive cheating occurred in 2020.

In other words, there’s a strong likelihood we have the wrong man in the White House. We didn’t need audits to know that Joe Biden is a putz and a crook. The sooner that scurvy, cheating, bilge rat leaves the White House, the better off our nation will be.

Otherwise, we also have breaking news dropping about the coronavirus pandemic and the crypto market takes a big hit. More from Jordan Sather.

The [Deep State] is panicking. How do you know they are panicking? Watch their actions. They are now going after Trump’s company and most likely the family. Why would they do this? He is not the President, or is he. This summer it’s going to get really hot. The election audits are now spreading to other states and there are calls for more audits. Panic is everywhere. This is a marathon not a sprint. The [Deep State] is feeling the pain and more pain is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Has the insanity peaked? Let’s look at the status of the audits, the Jan 6th lies and smears, and the level of desperation of the fools and their foolishness. More from Lori Colley.

Hold Steady: Never Give Up

The [Deep State] is continually pushing out fake news about the audit. The news is fake, the panic is real. [Barack Obama] sends dog comms. Get ready for another funeral. Did the [Deep State] use the China rocket as a [False Flag] weapon? Maybe. The audit continues in Arizona. Scavino sends a message. Never give up. The truth is about to be revealed. The Constitution is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

Even Warren Buffet is starting to be concerned about Federal Reserve Bank printing. As prices go “up, up, up” in nearly every sector, inflation will soon become hyper inflation and it will wipe out tens of millions of unprepared Americans who will become destitute. The founder and CEO of Nevada Gold joins me to discuss this harsh reality and his company’s prospects. More from SGTReport.

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