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MSNBC Ratings Now Imploding

Just like CNN before it, MSNBC is now experiencing a sharp implosion in its ratings as the public turns away from the nonsensical far Leftist TV networks. Dr. Steve Turley explores what’s behind this latest shift, focusing on MSNBC’s lying host Lawrence O’Donnell.

Anti-Trump Celebrities Get Woke

Olivia Wilde issued some snide tweets last year urging Trump supporters not to attend her movies. Well, now she has a new film out, that she directed no less, and it’s tanking horribly at the box office, even though critics are giving it high marks.

Just goes to show the asshole celebrities in Hollywood: Keep your political views to yourself or at least acknowledge that others have as much right to hold differing viewpoints. Otherwise, more of you idiots will find yourselves getting woke, but going broke! More from Tim Pool.

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It’s not just celebrities getting woke and going broke. . Controversy erupted a few months ago when it was announced that a far left activist who resigned from her job at the New Yorker would be teaching a journalism course at NYU. However, the class has now been canceled because only two people enrolled. As they say, Get Woke Go Broke.

These schools and companies think people want this woke leftist social justice activism but in reality they don’t. Not only that, Talia Lavin who was set to teach was a disgraced former fact checker. Why have someone who failed teach?

Other news in journalism getting woke and going broke is the Vox union demanding more from their employer while the company seeks to reduce costs. Even Vox writers presume their company’s value is decreasing but as so often happens, a collapsing company can’t pay workers well so workers revolt, causing more harm to the company. Media layoffs would likely come soon if this story follows trends in media.

When these media companies decided to embrace woke politics they chased themselves off a cliff they can’t recover from. In order to stay alive they begin producing fake news and biased nonsense. More from Tim Pool.

One final update from Tim Pool. The Liberal bias is so severe on CNN and MSNBC that the New York Times is now forbidding its reporters to appear on the worst of those networks’ shows, including Rachel Maddow’s newcasts on MSNBC. Also deemed too partisan: Don Lemon and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Says Pool, “CNN and MSNBC have gone so far off the rails that now the NYT is worried that if any of their staff appears on the show they will be accused of partisan bias. While this has always been true of Fox News, many leftists and far left activists claim that only Fox News is biased but now we can see that the polarization is getting worse and MSNBC and CNN are being treated exactly the same.”

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