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Many Are Fighting Back

Hearings are set to take place in Michigan to ban voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems, the company based in Toronto, Canada that provided many of the electrnic voting machines in the 2020 Presidential election allegedly used to rig the results. More patriots are fighting in the lion’s den, and more Hellywood stars are exposed, and amazing vaxx pushback. Also, many toys will be difficult to get due to supply shortages this Christmas. Joe Biden strikes again! More from And We Know.

On an incredible segment from Brian Stelter’s Unreliable Sources, a panelist reveals the truth of the state of modern media, but of course, CNN learns nothing. More from RedPill78.

Zucker Takes Out The Trash

Let’s take a deeper look at the firing of Chris Cuomo, because now that blood’s in the water, sharks are circling. More from RedPill78.

Twitter Fighting Free Press

No sooner had Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter, and the social media platform issued new terms of service. The long and short of the new policies: Twitter won’t be allowing conservative and independent journalists to speak out. Doesn’t matter if these journalists are telling the truth while the mainstream media blatantly lies and attempts to bury stories. Twitter will bring down the hammer, and knock around characters like Andy Ngo or Tim Pool. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Mark Dice also has a few words to share about Twitter, its disgusting biases and our new overlord: Parag Agrawal. You have to wonder where they came up with this cretin. He has absolutely no appreciation for the American Bill of Rights, yet he’s chosen to run a major social media platform!



It’s A Miracle!

Oh my God! A journalist acts like an actual journalist! And it’s actually Lester Holt on NBC, no less! Miracles do happen! More from Mark Dice.

Leftwing Journalist Cop-Popped

Four left wing activists get ARRESTED for burning empty police cars, including one female journalist. (Brittany Dawn Jeffrey, 31, Renea Baek Goddard, 22, Aline Espinosa-Villegas, 24, and Emily Nowlin, 27) Hacker 4chan takes on the case. More from Mr. Obvious.


Enemy Of The People

Meet Brandy Zadrozny. Ostensibly, she is a journalist, employed by NBC. But in free time, she uses social media to dox anyone who supports President Donald Trump. She then tries to expose or intimidate them and ruin their businesses or their social standing. Here, Tucker Carlson outlines the sinister methods of Brandy Zadrozny, enemy of the people. More from Sinatra Says.

Speaking of Leftist media, CNN is going broke. The network just missed its profit targets by nearly $100 million. Rumors are flying that AT&T, which is CNN’s parent company, could soon fire CNN’s chief executive officer Jeff Zucker. Just goes to show the insanity of CNN and other Leftist media outlets. They no longer mirror the more moderate or conservative views of most Americans, but embody extremist and radical thought. More from the Liberal Hivemind.

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The Genius Of Jim Acosta

We all know Jim Acosta isn’t a real journalist. Is he a CIA goon? Or the best skit comedian in Washington, DC? More from Mark Dice.

Journalists In State Of Panic

Journalists are panicking after passage of a new California law that appears to make freelance writing impossible to do. “Everybody is freaking out,” says Tim Pool. No doubt, the law will get fixed over time. But the mess could last awhile. Liberals have never been especially practical or concerned about the people over whom they run roughshod. Perhaps it’s poetic justice,though, to see journalists bear the brunt of Liberal shenanigans.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses the continuing drive by YouTube to quash or even outright ban conservative channels. Not only has The Red Elephants been kicked off the platform for a period of time, but also: Owen Benjamin, Know More News, Red Ice TV, Sinatra Says, Brother Nathanael, Lift the Veil, Jake Morphonios, even Steven Crowder for a spell. Most have eventually resurfaced on YouTube, although the constant censorship struggles have left many of us to do our searching these days on alternate sites. We primarily use Bitchute,while some prefer Gab, Rumble or Minds.

Meanwhile, Verizon has been seeking to sell off the Huffington Post, a move which will likely result in layoffs regardless of the result. The company is seeking to slim down its digital media business at a time when many media companies are facing shortfalls, budget cuts, and layoffs.

CNN, VICE, BuzzFeed, Verizon, Disney and more have faced declining viewership, ratings and revenues for the past few years. This is just another trend is the downfall of leftist and far left digital media. At the same time, conservative media seems to be seeing a resurgence with Fox News doing particularly well in growth and ratings.

This all follows a trend of companies basically following “get woke go broke” as a business plan. Vice, for instance, used to be edgy and taboo but now follows the establishment political orthodoxy. Not too long after getting woke they started to go broke. Vice News sadly has merged with Viceland after being canceled on HBO.  More from Tim Pool.


Journalist Behind Bannings

Tim Pool has confirmed the Chase Paymentech bannings of multiple conservative accounts originated following an email directed to the bank by a Slate “journalist” — April Glaser. Here is Pool’s statement, “I recently received an email leak that I believe shows how activists working as journalists target their political rivals for deplatforming. Following the Vox controversy with Steven Crowder, or #VoxAdpocalypse, and mass censorship hitting YouTube I found it pertinent to show how these activists in media operate and how they use framing devices to target people like conservatives and other political groups.

“The reporter in question has advocated for government regulation to restrict speech and I believe this shows her to be an activist acting to target and cause harm to political rivals.

“The email was confirmed to me by Chase bank on two occasions and the contents of the email were referred to in my correspondence with Slate. While not directly confirming the email I believe this with Chase bank’s confirmation is sufficient to confirm the authenticity of the email.”

UPDATE: Slate has provided an official comment “In the course of her reporting about banks providing financial services for, an e-commerce site associated with the Proud Boys, April reached out to those banks for comment about their policies of providing services to a designated hate group. In both her email and in the subsequent reporting, April provided important context and we stand by her reporting on this newsworthy topic.”

Email leaks show a Slate “journalist” — Karen Glaser — was behind the Chase Paymentech bannings of multiple conservative accounts, including Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys. The revelation raises a legitimate question: At what point does a journalist stop serving as a journalist and start becoming an activist? If this is standard practice among journalists, why shouldn’t they get their heads busted, the same as political opponents? More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Meanwhile, the mass media keeps getting more brazen in trying to shut down ever voice on YouTube, including individual creators like Philip DeFranco, who is hardly a far right icon. Yet the New York Times pictures him as part of a barrage of images of supposed far right demons on YouTube, including many of the individuals we feature prominently on our pages, from Steven Crowder and Lauren Southern to Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes.

What’s becoming apparent? This was never a campaign to just silence conservatives. The New York Times and other old-fashioned print media are just striking hard and fast and flagrantly to kill off their Internet competition. These greedy bastards want to go back to the days when they were the only competition around.  More from Tim Pool.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio responds to the New York Times article attacking YouTubers for making arguments on the Internet.

Alleged Slate “Journalist” April Glaser



Anti-Trump Celebrities Get Woke

Olivia Wilde issued some snide tweets last year urging Trump supporters not to attend her movies. Well, now she has a new film out, that she directed no less, and it’s tanking horribly at the box office, even though critics are giving it high marks.

Just goes to show the asshole celebrities in Hollywood: Keep your political views to yourself or at least acknowledge that others have as much right to hold differing viewpoints. Otherwise, more of you idiots will find yourselves getting woke, but going broke! More from Tim Pool.

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It’s not just celebrities getting woke and going broke. . Controversy erupted a few months ago when it was announced that a far left activist who resigned from her job at the New Yorker would be teaching a journalism course at NYU. However, the class has now been canceled because only two people enrolled. As they say, Get Woke Go Broke.

These schools and companies think people want this woke leftist social justice activism but in reality they don’t. Not only that, Talia Lavin who was set to teach was a disgraced former fact checker. Why have someone who failed teach?

Other news in journalism getting woke and going broke is the Vox union demanding more from their employer while the company seeks to reduce costs. Even Vox writers presume their company’s value is decreasing but as so often happens, a collapsing company can’t pay workers well so workers revolt, causing more harm to the company. Media layoffs would likely come soon if this story follows trends in media.

When these media companies decided to embrace woke politics they chased themselves off a cliff they can’t recover from. In order to stay alive they begin producing fake news and biased nonsense. More from Tim Pool.

One final update from Tim Pool. The Liberal bias is so severe on CNN and MSNBC that the New York Times is now forbidding its reporters to appear on the worst of those networks’ shows, including Rachel Maddow’s newcasts on MSNBC. Also deemed too partisan: Don Lemon and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Says Pool, “CNN and MSNBC have gone so far off the rails that now the NYT is worried that if any of their staff appears on the show they will be accused of partisan bias. While this has always been true of Fox News, many leftists and far left activists claim that only Fox News is biased but now we can see that the polarization is getting worse and MSNBC and CNN are being treated exactly the same.”

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