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The Rings Of Saturn

The are several unexplained anomalies regarding the rings of Saturn. Some of the oddities have been known for decades but others are newer discoveries obtained from the Cassini Probes spectrometer instruments. One of the biggest mysteries is how oxygen can exist in large amounts inside the rings. Another is what are those strange objects traveling through the rings at a suspiciously low rate. More from Matrix Wisdom.

When Giants Roamed The Earth

Ancient texts have been informing us about these “giant beings” for thousands of years. There are hundreds of accounts from around the world. However, accounts of Giants are one thing, but what happens when a long-lost relic of the past turns up and provides credible physical evidence of Giants? More from Matrix Wisdom.

Cave Systems Of The Ancients

The immense caves and tunnels of America are fascinating, but they are also a place of deep historical mysteries and oddities. These cavities are home to everything from lost civilizations, huge underground cities, and unexplainable artifacts. Legends of tunnels and caves are plentiful throughout the world; however, they remain an enigma. More from Matrix Wisdom.


Great Pyramid On/Off Switch

Did the Great Pyramid at Giza have an on/off switch? Matrix Wisdom believes so, and thinks it has been found. What’s also missing from the Pyramid is the capstone. Could it have originally been made from gold? Was it involved in any way with communications or with the transfer of energy? More from Matrix Wisdom.

Enki’s Home In South Africa

A long forgotten civilization once built an incredible array of structures in South Africa. Thanks to these 100, 000-year-old discoveries, scientists are now starting to question our presumptions about where civilization began and, in turn, everything we thought we knew about our past. More from Matrix Wisdom.

Ancient Levitation

The sheer weight and size of the stone blocks used in ancient times have long been a subject of debate. Why didn’t they use smaller blocks? There are many indications in ancient records and accounts that levitation was used. This theory can account for the lifting of heavy stone and how they built enormous pyramids in the distant past. More from Matrix Wisdom.

The Mysterious Cintamani Stone

This stone is many thousands of years old, and might very well have come to Earth from a different star system. However, this is much more than a stone; it is said to be the key to doors that were sealed eons ago. The question is, where is the stone now? More from Matrix Wisdom.

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