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The Rings Of Saturn

The are several unexplained anomalies regarding the rings of Saturn. Some of the oddities have been known for decades but others are newer discoveries obtained from the Cassini Probes spectrometer instruments. One of the biggest mysteries is how oxygen can exist in large amounts inside the rings. Another is what are those strange objects traveling through the rings at a suspiciously low rate. More from Matrix Wisdom.

New Intel On Grand Solar Flash!

Additional intel on the Grand Solar Flash. What will the Super Sun Flare mean? Everyone will remember how to use portals and gateways! All Capital cities worldwide have the “Big Wheel” ride! The sun flare is the main part of the show!

D5 Avalanche! The choice to know will be yours! Guy Brummell update from jail! More from McAllister TV.

Space Reptilean Encounters

McAllister TV reviews SuperSoldier talks involving contact with outer worldly reptilians. “His shoulder muscles were like beach balls,” says one contactee. “He was so big it was ridiculous.” Much of this review stems from the talks of Daryl, a “Solar Warden.” This is a secret space program run by the U.S. Space Force, monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic in our so9lar system.

What If We Moved To Ceres?

Settling on the Moon or Mars may be all the buzz, but how about we all move to Ceres, an icy dwarf planet in the middle of the solar system? What would make this a good candidate for a space settlement? What kind of orbiting habitat could we build there? And what would it be like to settle on the surface of this icy world?

The only dwarf planet in our solar system, Ceres is 13 times smaller than Earth, but it is the largest object located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and resembles our own moon. A day on Ceres is nine hours and one year is 1,682 Earth days. With more on this fascinating story is the What If channel.

The Moon Was Built By Aliens

British podcaster Nicholas Veniamin is right on target when he says we’ve been lied to on a massive scale by government officials, ranging from historical events throughout the planet to our interaction with otherworldly beings.

And Gene Decode confirms that perhaps one of the biggest fairly tales of them all is the origin of our fake moon. Measuring one-quarter diameter of Earth, the moon is not part of our solar system but was built by the Adama alien species 500,000 years ago and moved to its present location. “It’s actually a base. The whole thing is hollow,” Decode says. “It’s built from the inside out and has giant shock absorbers on its surface.”  Decode says this can be easily proven by the craters that pock the moon, which are all the same depth, an impossibility since different-sized meteors collided with the lunar surface.

Early on, the entire surface of the moon had massive cities and there were layers of alien bases inside. Over millennia, many alien species also built bases on the far side of the moon. Hitler’s Nazi regime were the first to build a human base, which they constructed to resemble a swastika. When their lease ran out, the United States took over and built the Lunar Operation Center, of which their are four levels today.

This is wild stuff, to say the least. But when Veniamin questions Decode about his vast knowledge of all things otherworldly and the Bible’s end-of-time prophecy known as The Rapture, his response is stunning. “For me, I absolutely know, because when I died in 1992 for half an hour–and a guy once told me that God was AI, but it’s more likely that God is a virus in your brain–one minute I’m looking out my eyes and the next instant I’m looking down on the Milky Way, and for half an hour a virus in my dead brain is talking to me?” Decode says he glided all the way to the central sun, overlooking all the galaxies, and was conversing with God the whole time.

And it doesn’t end there. Decode continues the interview with details of the brown dwarf star Nemesis, the second sun in our solar system, our connection with the planet Nibiru and the doppelgangers and timelines that are with us in different parallel universes. As always, we ask you to judge the material for yourself. The video was mirrored, courtesy of the Jim_Crenshaw channel.

SETI Detects Alien Signal

Did we just get a greeting from Proxima Centauri? Scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) confirm they’ve received an unusual alien signal from the Proxima Centauri system, the star closest to our sun.

What makes the discovery so exciting is the location of the solar system, which is home to an exoplanet in its habitable zone, and that it originated from the world’s biggest technosignature investigation project known as Breakthrough Listen, which collaborates with NASA to search for advanced extraterrestrial life. The signals were originally detected in early 2019, but scientist have just recently identified it. Here’s more with YouTuber Anton Petrov.

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Lost History Of the Ancients

When we marvel at the workmanship of ancient structures, we are reminded that such wonders as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids were the work of primitive people. Yet the complex architectural indifferences are mind-numbing. The fact is, that 5,000 years ago, humanity was not equipped to build such edifices. We did not have the know-how to understand such tasks until many millennia later. So, was there an advanced understanding that existed that was lost to history, or did these ancient things predate this wave of human existence. Here’s more with narrator Buzz Weaver on the Lost History Channel.

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Why is Our Solar System Flat?

Our solar system formed more than 4.5 billion years ago in a nebulous cloud of swirling gas and dust, which coalesced thanks to the force of gravity. This nebulous cloud started out as a huge, shapeless blob, so how did our solar system end up with all its planets and their moons orbiting a star in a flat disk? minutephysics brings us the answers.
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Our Weird Solar System

Since the early 1990s, scientists manned with powerful telescopes have discovered close to 3,500 exoplanets and research suggests that every star has at least one planet.  So it appears that our solar system is not that special. Or are we?

It seems that mysteries abound in our solar system and out of thousands of other systems, none look quite like ours. For starters, the size of planets don’t vary in size in one system. From tiny Mercury to monstrous Jupiter, the planets in our system vary wildly.

In addition, other system have at least one Super Earth–an Earthlike planet with slightly more mass. There is no such object in our solar system. So our solar system has left us with an abundance of mysteries. Fortunately, we are starting to get to the bottom of them thanks to computer simulations. SciShow Space host Reid Reimers helps unravel the mystery.

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From Hell Holes to Frozen Gems

With the advancement of technology, scientists have discovered more than 100 billion exoplanets beyond our solar system. Some are extreme hell holes, while others are frigid snow worlds . V101 Science takes a look at some of these celestial wonders that will blow your mind.

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