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dojo -> convergency

Clif High returns with a video he’s calling “dojo -> convergency” that explores how the evolution of computers and communications systems are leading toward a new convergency. Initially, the Central Bankers and their globalist allies, like the CIA and various religious, social and political conglomerates, will try to exploit this convergency to control and intimidate humans everywhere. But the convergency will ultimately become a tool for decentralization, leaving these players behind, along with their censorship and outdated control mechanisms.

We will see a true flourishing and soaring of the human spirit, as we retrieve our lost history and come to more fully understand who we are and how we came to be. It won’t happen overnight, but the seeds have already been sown.

It’s Not Covid, It’s 5G

SGT Report uncovers the shocking connection between 5G and the Covid boogeyman, which are the mNRA vaccines. He welcomes Morocco researchers Tivon Rivers and his wife, Naima “Hope” Feagin, whose work proves the side effects of 5G emulate exactly what is said to be Covid.

Rivers says governments have already conducted research of EMF radiation on military personnel and it confirms that there are at least three vectors causing the same symptoms as those suffered by people with Covid. SGT Report opens the video with a clip from Dr. Lee Merritt, who explains how radiation disrupts the electron transport chain in your body and reveals that the telecommunications industry has the same indemnity from lawsuits that Big Pharma does.

So, was there ever a Covid pandemic, or was it 5G? Here’s the report.

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