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Deep State Illuminati

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes reporter and documentary filmmaker Millie Weaver for a deep dive on corporate corruption, the political landscape of 2022, Big Tech surveillance and secret societies.

Millie ran into heavy controversy and censorship when she released her documentaries Shadowgate 1&2. She subsequently faced false arrest and intimidation for her reporting only to come back as a leading voice in Alternative Media.

Millie puts some extraordinary personal experiences on the record in this DJ interview for the first time regarding her family, Hollywood occult manipulation and the Secret Societies she encountered as a young actress. She also reveals some shocking information that was related to her while in temporary custody under secret indictment (all charges were dropped) and revealed by an Intel Source who informed her of UFO Craft and Technology being held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base!

Disarming America

Debess presents some riveting broadcast excerpts from the late Bill Cooper that are eerily similar to today’s activity by corrupt governments and the Deep State to disarm America.

Cooper, a radio show host and author who was constantly labeled by the media as a conspiracy theorist, forewarns of the government’s disarmament agenda to control the electorate by any means necessary and pave way for secret societies in a mad plan to give rise to secret societies and a new world order.

Further proof of the agenda came at the United Nation’s 10th special session of the General Assembly, he says, which was devoted to disarmament and where a resolution was adopted to include, among other matters, “establishing new international machinery for disarmament.” No doubt the bad guys have been planning this for a while. Here’s more from Debess.

The Eighth Sphere Wars

Join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt reveals the deep work of Austrian scholar and mystic Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy, which warns of the arrival of a virtual reality realm called “The Eighth Sphere.” Are Secret Societies arranging political conditions on Earth and in Space for perpetual war to prepare for the arrival of a different order of life through a lower astral being Steiner calls “Ahriman”? This video is chapter 126 of Liszt’s X series.

Are the Anunnaki God?

In a stunning update, ufologist Ryushin Malone reveals there is a hierarchy of extraterrestrials who rule over society and the secret societies of the elites have worshipped these beings for thousands of years.

Shockingly, Malone says that through his in-depth research and mounds of evidence, he believes these beings were the same species sitting with ancient Egypt’s King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti and were known as Aten, the one true God. “So, the question is,” he asks, “are they God, the Anunnaki who created humanity? Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I believe they are.” Here’s more with Malone, who also posits that all politics and all religions, with the exception of Buddhism, are based off extraterrestrial contact. Please use your own discretion when viewing the material.

dojo -> convergency

Clif High returns with a video he’s calling “dojo -> convergency” that explores how the evolution of computers and communications systems are leading toward a new convergency. Initially, the Central Bankers and their globalist allies, like the CIA and various religious, social and political conglomerates, will try to exploit this convergency to control and intimidate humans everywhere. But the convergency will ultimately become a tool for decentralization, leaving these players behind, along with their censorship and outdated control mechanisms.

We will see a true flourishing and soaring of the human spirit, as we retrieve our lost history and come to more fully understand who we are and how we came to be. It won’t happen overnight, but the seeds have already been sown.

Globalist Cult In Control

David Icke says the global financial system is controlled by what he calls the “global cult,” a worldwide network of secret societies with an organized central organizational center.

“This explains why countries tend to respond to the same kind of situations in extraordinarily the same way,” he says. He explains further with podcast host Rob Moore.


Guidestones Linked To Ukraine

Sheila Holm, a well-known Christian author, discusses the Georgia Guidestones and how they are linked to what’s happening in the Ukraine. She gets into Ukraine’s origins as Khazaria, while also touching upon the roles of Lindsay Graham and John McCain to stir the violence. Other key topics discussed here: Bloodlines, Hellywood and Walter Cronkite. More from And We Know.

Etidorhpa: End Of The Earth

Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards) or The End of Earth: the strange history of a mysterious being and the account of a remarkable journey, is the title of a novel published in 1895. Ideas presented in Etidorhpa include practical alchemy, secret societies and Hermetic orders, the Hollow Earth theory, and the concept of transcending the physical realm. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Rise Of The Anunnaki

Before recorded history, Alien invaders developed a high civilization on Earth with technology far surpassing our own. But a Galactic war destroyed that culture leaving behind only myths and legends. Is our modern technological age leading us back to a restoration of lost Ancient Alien sciences? Masked by centuries of secret societies and occult brotherhoods, is this ancient technology returning?

This 2015 documentary is from filmmaker Jim Nichols, who previously made Archons: Space Invaders and Nibiru: Return of the Gods. The video has been reposted on the Internet by bluewater.


Knights Of The Lion

The Knights Templar were a religious order of knighthood established at the time of the Crusades that grew in wealth and power through banking and military conquest. Eventually destroyed by King Philip IV of France, the order allegedly introduced esoteric knowledge from the Middle East into Europe considered blasphemous by the Church.

During the Renaissance, these guarded alchemical secrets were symbolically encoded into various forms of literature by certain occult secret societies. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.


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