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Witches And Squash Demons

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again! Hallowe’en style, even!

We’ll start off the month with energetic, broom-flyin’, cackling sorceresses in shorts from WB and MGM. Then, as a bonus, we get a look at the horrific results of Linus’ relentless devotion to the Great Pumpkin.

The commentary audio on the Count Bloodcount cartoon was a goof on my part. But I left it in because I can’t be the only nerd who likes to listen to those tracks now and then. More from the OldHorseman.

The Night Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. We celebrate with a little Tom and Jerry in their 1941 short The Night Before Christmas. Co-directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, The Night Before Christmas was nominated for the Oscar for best short animation of 1941. It lost to Disney’s Lend A Paw, starring Mickey Mouse.

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