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Did Black Hats Bomb Nashville?

I saw and listened to retired US military intelligence officer and whistleblower Jeffrey Prather interviewed on the Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams last week and what he was saying about the Nashville Bombing made a lot of sense to me. I have covered the Nashville bombing False Flag/Hoax since it happened on Christmas Day and my main two main question’s have been

A) what caused it – because I know it was not caused by a RV blowing-up (they used that one in Oklahoma already) and

B) What was the reason for it?

After listening to Jeffrey Prather for one hour and then listening to his podcast for another hour, I believe that I found my answers to both questions and I want to share them with you as I break down Prather’s investigative report and share my thoughts on it as I give you a slideshow presentation on The Truth Behind the Nashville Christmas Day Bombing. More from GlobalAgenda@BitChute.

Stocking Stuffers

‘Tis the Season! Let’s get rid of fear and make room for joy, courage & faith. Merry Christmas!!! Drawing from The Sound of Music to the classic sci-fi novel Dune, here’s more from Amazing Polly.

Christmas Story

From 1960, the only Christmas episode of the long-running Andy Griffith Show. Mean ol’ Ben Weaver tries to Scrooge-up Christmas for a likable moonshiner’s family, but Andy’s havin’ none of that.

Dig the brilliant camerawork and sound mix during the Away In A Manger scene.



Was Rosenstein A White Hat?

POTUS responds to Congress in a special Christmas message. He’s not going to sign the Omnibus unless they take out the pork. We learn about the very important memo for Durham and the Attorney General in regard to exactly what can be used in the course of their investigations. Brian Cates waxes poetic on the part of Rod Rosenstein. Patrick Byrne reveals stunning details about the murder of Epstein and Tucker Carlson reveals a burgeoning coverup dealing with Raphael Warnock. More from RedPill78.

The patriots are preparing to surface. Pence will hold the line, when Jan 6th hits everything will change. The [Deep State] will react to the news and they will push their agenda, Trump Twitter removal, communication blackout. Trump is calling everyone down to DC to block the insurgency, We The People will be the counter insurgency. When do you play your hand? At the last minute. This is what the patriots are doing. Trump is not planning on leaving. He is moving ahead with the plan. More from the X22 Report.

The looting is on. We are in the final stretch before the U.S. dollar begins to lose purchasing power at an exponential rate. In fact, when priced in Bitcoin, the Dollar is hyper inflating. The time to prepare for what is now baked in the cake, is NOW. More from the SGTReport.

The Night Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. We celebrate with a little Tom and Jerry in their 1941 short The Night Before Christmas. Co-directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, The Night Before Christmas was nominated for the Oscar for best short animation of 1941. It lost to Disney’s Lend A Paw, starring Mickey Mouse.

Christmas Canceled?

Liberals are jumping for joy. They are putting the thumbscrews to Christmas. More from Mark Dice.

Christmas Is Canceled

Pubs closed. Christmas cancelled. Borders – still open! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Orthodox Christmas Song

Angelic chant of nuns from the Camarzani Monastery in Romania. Their song is called “Din Cer Senin” (From the Clear Blue Sky). We have had a lot of heavy political news lately. But Christmas will soon be here, so it’s a good time to relax and reflect.

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Progressive Holiday Classics

In light of the tumultuous  and alleged results of our Presidential election, PragerU’s Will Witt  takes a comical peek of what could become a  more progressive holiday season. In this special edition of the lighter side of life, Witt parodies yuletide sounds of the season.

“It’s time to bring holiday songs into the 21st century by updating them with political correctness,” he jests. Witt says you’ll hear such classics as “White Privilege Christmas,” “The Little Looter Boy” and “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.” And for our Latino friends, “Feliz Antifa.” The collection is available for three simple payments of $19.99. “But let’s be serious,” the sales ad points out, “if you don’t pay, we’re taking your money anyway.”



Woke Santa Ruins Christmas

Welcome to This Week in Social Justice, where I discuss all the biggest and baddest social justice fails of the past seven days. This week we have Congresswoman Alexandria Occasion Cortez and her surprisingly capitalistic enterprise, the woke Santa Claus who ruined Christmas for one little boy, and depending on how long I feel like talking about the first two topics, we may even have time for a bonus topic! More from Daisy Cousens.

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