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Hating Breitbart

Two trailers for Hating Breitbart, Andrew Marcus’ documentary profile of the late Andrew Breitbart — one for general audiences, and the other trailer uncensored. The film was originally due out today, but now will be released next Friday, on Oct. 19, as the producers appeal an “R” rating slapped on the film by the Motion Picture Association of America because of Andrew’s salty language.

If you needed any proof that they still hate Breitbart, even posthumously, the ratings skirmish ought to supply it, coming so soon after Samuel L. Jackson dropped the “F-bomb” repeatedly in his campaign spot for President Obama — a tape now viewed more than a half million times on YouTube and aired extensively on the broadcast networks. In that tape, a prepubescent girl picks up Jackson’s profane mantra — but that was perfectly acceptable under existing community standards, because the tape advanced the liberal cause, and didn’t demolish it, as Andrew Breitbart was wont to do.

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