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They Didn’t Think It Was Funny

Journalists are running scared over CNN’s Jim Acosta getting heckled at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tampa, Florida. Hate to break the news to these dimwits, but if you consistently badmouth the American public, if you attack Trump supporters as dummies and delinquents, you deserve to take some heat in rebuttal. Mark Dice shares the story.

Welp, since you’re honestly so dense that you can’t figure this out by yourself, Jimmy, I’ll help you out. You see, like you, the American people don’t like sitting through rhetorical mudslides of petty labels, unfounded personal accusations, and shallow insults on their intelligence or appearance. Is it really that hard for you? Here’s an MRCTV Reality Check with Brittany Hughes.

Meanwhile, Mark Levin says the press hates the American people. Levin reacts on the Fox show ‘Hannity’ with Sean Hannity and shares his view on the Mueller investigation, which he calls a “witch hunt.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Hannity clip has disappeared from YouTube. In its place, we offer another clip featuring Mark Levin berating the bully Robert Mueller as well as the tyrannical Nancy Pelosi.)


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