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Deep Dark World Exposed

The [Deep State] is struggling. J6 is not working. The people are not buying what they are selling.

The [Deep State] is struggling and they want Trump indicted before the midterms. They have deployed everything they have but it is not working.

Truth Social is the bull horn. It’s getting strong and stronger as the truth comes out. The people will learn that world they live in is deep and dark and those in control are criminals. Once the people learn the truth, the game is over. More from the X22 Report.

CNN To Acosta: Get Lost!

Jim Acosta, the pugnacious journalist at CNN, has been fired. This comes as a pleasant surprise, seeing one of the most belligerent, lying leftists meet his deserved fate.

Acosta delighted in tormenting President Donald Trump, and openly thumbed his nose at Trump supporters. Now, he bites the dust himself. More from Steve Turley.

Brian Stelter Gets Axed

CNN has booted out Brian Stelter, canceling his “Reliable Sources” show in what appears to be a cost-saving move. No word yet on Old Cue Ball’s plans.

Will he go to work at a neighboring library, reading children’s books out loud? In memory of his checkered tenure at CNN, we present The Best of Brian Stelter, compiled by Mark Dice.

(Editor’s Note: Keep your eyes open. Tim Pool says there will be more firings to follow at CNN. He says the arrogant reporter, Jim Acosta, will be the next shoe to drop.)

And here is Mark Dice’s send-off “In Loving Memory of Brian Stelter,” featuring Sebastian Gorka, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and other greats.


Jim Acosta Loves Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta of CNN: Prime candidate to receive the award for leftist virtue signaling. Narcissist extraordinaire. More from Mr. Reagan.


NBA-Epstein Connection?

Blessed To Teach features some stunning bombshells from Julie Green’s prophecies, who says it’s time for the NBA’s judgment and its demise.

She says that not only will players fall victim to their ties with Deep State corruption, but also NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will be fully exposed for selling out the United States to China. And shockingly, Green says, the truth regarding an NBA-Jeffrey Epstein connection will be revealed. On the mainstream media front, CNN’s Jim Acosta will fall hard, along with other well-known personalities. Here’s the rest of the story.

Jim Acosta Suffering “PTSD”

CNN’s Jim Acosta is suffering PTSD — Post-Trump Stress Disorder. We’d offer to take up a collection for him except Acosta is such an arrogant dunce the help would go wasted. More from Mark Dice.

Acosta Accosted At CPAC

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta gets a taste of his own medicine as he arrives in Florida for the CPAC convention. A reporter from The Federalist interrupts the maniacal Acosta as he’s being interview by another network, asking why CNN refuses to the cover the Gov. Cuomo scandals in New York.

Watch closely as the usually confident Acosta gets nervous and rattled. Later in the clip, a bevy of reporters corner Acosta and also get in on the action. Guess it’s true what they say–turnaround is fair play.  Here’s more from The News Junkie’s Archives.

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Unity Or Domination?

Glenn Beck argues that although President Biden’s inaugural address appeared to stress unity, did it send out a different message? Beck argues that the speech may have sounded great to many, but the Left doesn’t have an impressive recent track record when it comes to unifying the country. Often, Beck says, the Left’s idea of unity is really just one of domination.

And true to their colors, the progressive mainstream media enforced that assessment with its usual inane bias. Earlier in the day, when President Trump exited the White House, it gave longtime Trump nemesis Jim Acosta of CNN an opportunity to make one last fascist dig, “He’s almost leaving town like an autocrat ousted from power, headed off into exile.” One thing, Jim, exile is at his million-dollar Mar-a-Lago Resort in sunny Florida. And rest assured that autocrats don’t allow themselves to get voted out.

Says Beck, “The media’s behavior in the last four years, culminating in their coverage on Inauguration Day, has been mind-boggling and disgusting.” So what you heard on Inauguration Day, Beck says, were a lot of fancy words, but little action. Here’s more analysis from Beck on Blaze TV.

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He’s Baaaack!

President Donald Trump is out on the campaign trail again…fit, robust and free of any impact from the dreaded coronavirus. He’s being dogged by the usual trolls and idiots, like Jim Acosta of CNN. But Trump is drawing big crowds, and demonstrating again why we elected him as our president. More from Mark Dice.

Twittersphere Roasts Jim Acosta

He’s baaack! After hovering below the radar in recent weeks, CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta returned to the news cycle with a flourish–and a misguided tweet. Fanning the flames of the media’s post-debate attacks on President Trump, Acosta tweeted: “Trump has finally condemned white supremacists … on Hannity.”

Not only was the tweet idiotic, but it was also an outright lie and a monumental contradiction to what Acosta tweeted in 2017: “Trump condemns KKK and white supremacists commenting on Charlottesville “Racism is evil.” Bad move for Mr. Acosta in the Twittersphere, as thousands of patriots roasted the faux journalist to the max.

Says Liberal Hivemind, “I don’t think the media are that dumb. They do it on purpose. It’s malicious, it’s lying, it’s framing, it’s slander, it’s partisanship.” Here’s more on Acosta with Liberal Hivemind, plus an analysis of Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, who have been under a barrage of attacks from the media.

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