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Satanists In Red Shoes

Why do Satanists like to wear red shoes?

If you think it’s because Satan is usually depicted as a red creature, you’d be partially right. But red shoes also are worn because these Satanists practice cannibalism. They will sacrifice young children and eat their flesh as well as their adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is a compound released by the adrenal gland that some believe can prolong youth. It is also a drug that has some hallucinogenic powers, like psilocybin, so users often imbibe at weekend parties with their friends.

If children are to be maimed and murdered to obtain their flesh and their adrenochrome, the perpetrators will wear red shoes so the spilled blood does not show up on their footwear. The blood blends right in with the flashy coloring.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the crowd that gathers to celebrate the 72nd birthday party of Tony Podesta. He is formerly one of Washington’s top lobbyists and the brother of John Podesta, who ran Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Tony Podesta is an avid art collector. One of his favored artists is Biljana Djurdjevic, a Serbian painter who has done many scenes of children — bound and gagged, often hanging. Here is one such painting. Note that all of the children are also wearing red shoes.

Some have speculated these are children who have been gathered together ahead of a Satanic sacrifice. Where are these children? Apparently near a bath house or a swimming pool.

Want to see more of Tony Podesta’s art? Here’s a short video that surveys his collection, including a sculpture inspired by the serial killer Jeffrey Daumer.

And, here’s a recent video by McAllisterTV, that explores the perverted fascination with red shoes, going back at least as far as The Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy needed to click her red slippers to return to Kansas.


Is Tony Podesta the only fan of red shoes? Hardly. Here are some others. We begin with Alex Soros, the son of the Democratic Party’s biggest donor, George Soros, flashing his red shoes at a Marina Abramowic Spirit Cooking dinner in New York.


Here is John Waters at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles.

Here is Marina Abramovic herself, all in red, from head to toe. Blood is so central to her art and her story.




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