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Twitter Bans James Woods

Twitter has lowered the boom on James Woods, locking him out of his account and denying him the right to use the social media platform. Woods replied with a terse message to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: “You are a coward, . There is no free speech for Conservatives on .” Apparently, he was banned for the following tweet:

The Soy Boys from that tweet are lifted from an older video by Paul Joseph Watson called “The Truth About Soy Face.” Notice how they all have gaping open mouths, as if they are waiting to suck someone’s cock? Watson has some fun with that in the video, not only calling them Soy Boys, but ones with “Gloryhole Faces” and “Soylent Goons.” We ran the video when it came out, but we’ll repeat it here, so you don’t have to go searching for it.

How long will Woods be banned? Is he hoping to return to Twitter or looking for a different outlet? We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.


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