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Twitter: The Damage Control

Elon just kneecapped the former management and the US political uniparty. More from Styyxhexenhammer666.

Farewell Twitter

As Elon Musk prepares to take over the helm at Twitter, the former CEO Jack Dorsey steps into line, and cleans a couple of toilet bowls. How will he manage to keep his sweet spot? Let’s check in with The United Spot.


Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go into a state of free-fall as they come to realize the rise of Truth Social and their growing inability to censor views they oppose. Featuring a guest star appearance by Devin Nunes. More from The United Spot.

Sussmann Defense Weak

Sussman trial day 8, Durham rests his case, the prognosis is grim for the Perkins Coie lawyer, GA primary results, Texas shooter another controlled op? Astonishing news about Jack Dorsey. More from RedPill78.

The Prosecution RESTS on Day 8 of the Michael Sussmann trial as defense attorneys call their first witnesses. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Did He Really Buy Twitter?

Elon Musk buys a large share of Twitter’s stock, prompting Jack Dorsey to polish a few toilets — whistle-clean! More from The United Spot.

It’s Going To Be Biblical

The [Deep State] is now completely exposed. They are trapped and trapped animals become desperate. This is what we are witnessing. Trump wanted these people exposed. He wanted the people to see the true nature and who they really are and how evil they are. This is what people are witnessing now. Everything they are trying to do is backfiring and people are seeing their evil dictates. The [Deep State] has overthrown the government of the United States, using election fraud, fake news and Big Tech. Nothing can stop this. This is going to be biblical. More from the X22 Report.

On the first day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey resigned. The chief financial officer of Walmart Brett Briggs resigned. There were also rumors circulating of a pending resignation by CNBC Board Chairman Mark Hoffman. Are these resignations connected or at all related to what might be revealed at this trial? Stay tuned. Here, And We Know explores that issue, as well as touching upon other burning issues of the day.


Twitter Fighting Free Press

No sooner had Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter, and the social media platform issued new terms of service. The long and short of the new policies: Twitter won’t be allowing conservative and independent journalists to speak out. Doesn’t matter if these journalists are telling the truth while the mainstream media blatantly lies and attempts to bury stories. Twitter will bring down the hammer, and knock around characters like Andy Ngo or Tim Pool. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Mark Dice also has a few words to share about Twitter, its disgusting biases and our new overlord: Parag Agrawal. You have to wonder where they came up with this cretin. He has absolutely no appreciation for the American Bill of Rights, yet he’s chosen to run a major social media platform!



Exposing Our Criminal Enemy

Patrick Byrne and Joe Flynn join me to drop some truth bombs on the criminal cabal commonly known as the Biden administration. More from the SGTReport.

Twitter announced on Monday that CEO Jack Dorsey was stepping down and Parag Agrawal, an Indian national, is taking his place. This may not seem like a big deal—after all, not everyone tweets—but Agrawal represents the new normal for “freedumb” of speech. We suspect that their new policy will dumb the platform—silencing freedom proponents in order to protect the globalists’ agenda. Now Twitter will “prohibit the sharing of images or videos of private individuals without their consent.” More from Lori Colley.

Big Tech Being Exposed

The [Deep State] is struggling. They are losing every single narrative. This will only get worse as time goes on. @jack decided to call it quits or he was removed and now the new CEO is ready to take it the next level. The big tech companies are about to be exposed.

Maxwell trial is in full swing behind closed doors and the judge ordered no audio or video. The Smollett case is happening at the same time. The [Deep State] is using Omicron to push their agenda and to use it as their cover story for the Great Reset.

Election fraud is now seen in multiple states and Trump is now challenging the media or anybody to debate him on the issue. More from the X22 Report.


Dorsey Leaves Twitter Behind

We can all celebrate as the censor-prone CEO Jack Dorsey has resigned from Twitter. But the celebration is likely to be short-lived.

Why? Because Dorsey is being replaced by Twitter’s chief technology officer Parag Agrawal, who said in a 2020 interview, “Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment…focus(ing) less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.” In other words, Agrawal is not only an unconscionable creep, but openly so.

The  Quartering puts it more bluntly, “The new guy is said to be far worse.”

Dorsey’s resignation comes as no surprise. Investors have long been clamoring for him to step down. Twitter’s stock prices have dropped about 10 percent over the course of the year while the S & P has enjoyed a 23 percent rise. Here, Steve Turley examines Dorsey’s checkered career.

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