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Truth Needs No Censorship

The Leftist mofos who run YouTube have now censored and removed all of Jamie Dlux’s channels on grounds he was guilty of cyber bullying and harassment. The videos that drew the ire of YouTube all involved Dlux calling out pedophiles.

The last time we looked, pedophilia remains a crime across all of the United States. Perhaps those at Microsoft, Google and YouTube want this criminal status lifted because they know or like pedophiles, but we happen to believe these laws are fully justified. No kids ever should have to put up with being targets of sleazy adult perverts!

We’ll continue to run Dlux’s videos here at Call Me Stormy. We also are routinely censored by the Leftists at Microsoft and Google, so we put no stock whatsoever in the judgments these companies make. Someday soon, we hope these companies are forced to reform — and their current managers are all fired for their flagrant politicking, widespread censorship and decisively un-American activities.


Crazy Train Going Off The Rails

Just how crazy have the Leftists gotten with their perpetual cancel culture? Now, they aren’t just trying to ban books or get TV shows canceled. They are trying to ban cars for being….r-a-a-a-cist! More from Mark Dice.

Here We Go Again

Almost like clockwork, Leftists are trying once again to ban Grand Theft Auto, claiming the video game has inspired a new generation of carjackings. If you seem to remember this happening before, indeed it has. But today’s Leftists are resurrecting the same censorship moves they always push, this time to solve problems involving increased crime in the city of Chicago. Why protect that city? The Democrats are destroying it as we speak. More from The Salty Cracker.

Facebook Bans Australian News

Facebook is acting just like the railroad robber barons of the 19th century. Before they got regulated for running monopolies, the railroads would simply drop transit stops for a town if it posed any problems for them. The trains would roll through the town, without leaving off passengers or picking them up.

That’s essentially what Facebook has now done to the nation of Australia. The social media monopoly didn’t like some new laws Australia has enacted regarding the company, so Facebook banned users from posting any Australian news.

This isn’t a partial ban, either. Not only are news stories banned, but also opinion and commentary, as well as emergency services. It’s time Facebook paid a huge price for this blatant censorship. It has fallen off the manhole, down into the sewer, same as Twitter and many other Leftist social media platforms. More from Tim Pool.

Thousands of Australians have deleted their Facebook profiles in response to the showdown between the social media giant and the Australian government. Here, Steve Turley explains why Australians are stomping on Facebook. Will Big Tech be forced to back down or will they get even more draconian moving forward?


Nobody Is Safe!

This week in censorship was another doozy. Project Veritas was completely banned from Twitter after they showed a video of one of their journalists confronting a Facebook executive about its Orwellian censorship policies. Twitter lied about why it opted to apply the thumbscrews to Project Veritas.

The social media platform says Project Veritas showed the street address of the Facebook executive and hence “doxxed” him. But if that’s the case, why has Twitter allowed CNN to keep up videos where it makes the exact infraction? In other words, Twitter holds Project Veritas to a different standard than Twitter applies to CNN. Not cool, Jack Dorsey.

We all know what’s really behind the censorship. Twitter is just another bullying Leftist corporation. Dorsey plays monkey business with the 1st Amendment and provides protection for pedophilia and other Leftwing rackets. More from Mark Dice.


Social Media Purge Backfires

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Patrick Byrne, entrepreneur and former Overstock CEO, about the social media purge, social media censorship, the false history of fascism, and what we can learn from China. Patrick details how he founded and the importance of freedom of speech. He shares how the social media ban affecting conservatives and the Big Tech banning Trump from virtually all social media platforms will only create a demand for more alternatives like Locals.

He shares why he thinks Section 230 should be repealed. He also shares how Milton Friedman convinced him to become an advocate for school choice and why so many people have a poor knowledge of history. Patrick explains the leftist roots of fascism and socialism, as well as what China does right that America could learn from.

More Nations Banning Soros

George Soros, probably the largest financier of liberal causes, including the Democratic Party, is now getting banned from nation after nation. We ran a report last year how six nations had banned the former Nazi collaborator Soros, including his homeland of Hungary. Now, the number of nations is rising rapidly as nations spurn this corrupt globalist and his so-called “Open Society” non-profits. They  do not stand for an “Open Society,” but for an ungovernable society, overrun by non-paying immigrants and cads like Soros. More from Steve Turley.

Gone With The PC Culture

Me again. I wanna talk about Gone with the Wind and Cops being cancelled, Live PD being removed and Little Britain cancelled. More “pro-cop” shows waiting to be axed. Why Brooklyn nine nine has to fight to stay on air. More from Barbara4U2C.


Patreon Banning All Anime?

Did Patreon just ban all anime? What does “Japanese Style” even mean? How old are digital pixels? These are things that Patreon apparently wants to control now. More from The Quartering.

CBS has released a silly documentary blaming hacker 4chan and gamers for everything wrong with society and they get it all wrong. More from Mr. Obvious.


Push On To Ban Everything

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

* Story #1: Posting Anti-Vaccine Propaganda on Social Media Could Become Criminal Offense

* Story #2: UNESCO Claims Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted

* Story #3: Foreign Interference In Elections Is Unacceptable. Congress Must Make It Illegal.

In related news, REDDIT has effectively shut down The_Donald, the largest Trump forum anywhere online. This is the craziest act of censorship we have seen yet and we have witnessed scores upon scores of bizarre and flagrant cases of censorship over the past year. More from Tim Pool.

What else besides Donald Trump, anti-vaccine commentary and climate change epistles do the censors want to ban? How about anime. It comes in all sizes and shapes. Some of it is family friendly and some of it is not. The government is now cherry picking to try and prove their point and ban anime. More from The Quartering.


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