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Phony Kavanaugh Allegations

The Christine Ford charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are starting to fall apart. These were serious charges, implicating the judicial nominee with attempted rape. But there was something patently phony about the way the Democrats sat on the charges and didn’t air them until after the hearing had concluded. And the fact that Christine Ford herself didn’t air them for more than 35 years suggested monkey business.

Was she almost a rape victim? Possibly. But was Kavanaugh the actual culprit? Much less likely, in fact, probably not at all. Here Dr. Steve Turley weighs the evidence.

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Meanwhile, Lionel Nation says the Democrats have screwed the pooch on the Kavanaugh hearings. The #NeverTrump, #AltLeft, Faux Dems have no clue about #Kavanaugh, Nation says, just as they are pitifully stupid to still be putting Hillary Rodham Clinton forward as their party spokeswoman. We concur.

Clinton is not just a criminal of the worst type herself, she is married to an Old Guard rapist. If the Democrats don’t think that will upset their PR moving into the midterm elections, they are sorely mistaken.

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Fox News judicial senior analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says the new Senate hearing with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the accuser will be determined by who makes the most emotional connection with the general public. Here, he discusses the Kavanaugh hearing with Kennedy on Fox Business. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the case Wednesday.

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Finally, Steven Crowder breaks down everything wrong with the Democrat-led hunt in the Kavanaugh sexual accusation scandal. Matt Iseman sits in third chair. Sargon of Akkad drops by to talk “Alternate Influence Network” on social media, and Glenn Beck explains outrage culture addiction. More on Louder with Crowder.

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