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Maxwell Trial Suspicious

Did the prosecution in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial do enough to convict the madame? Attorney and Northwestern University professor Andrew Stoltmann says they weren’t even close.

Stoltmann tells Fox Business News the trial has been highly suspicious from the start. He says it was supposed to last at least six weeks and include many alleged sex-trafficking victims on the witness stand, but it was over in three weeks and only four alleged victims were called. Add to that the lack of scrutiny into the many enablers in the case, such as the passengers on the Lolita Express. “I don’t know what they’re hiding, I don’t know who they’re covering for, but it’s really upsetting.”

Despite the flimsy effort by the prosecution, Stoltmann expect a guilty verdict. Here more from Fox. with Kennedy.

More 2020 Chaos: Asteroid Alert

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, we now find out that an asteroid might be on a collision course with Earth on election day. Last check on data reveals the object is the size of a refrigerator and is possibly headed our way at 225,000 mph.

Astrophysicist and celebrated author Neil deGrasse Tyson says the last time scientists obtained orbital data on the asteroid was two years ago, when it zoomed close enough to Earth, indicating that it possibly could buzzcut the planet on this approach. But not to worry, deGrasse Tyson says, “Based on that data there’s still some uncertainty now as it nears Earth two years later. And about one-half of one percent of that uncertainty includes hitting Earth.” He explains further on Fox News’ “Kennedy.”

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Bidens’ Corruption Spelled Out

Hunter and Joe Biden made at least $35 million to $40 million off their crooked deals with governments and businesses in China, Iraq, Russia and Ukraine. That’s the conclusion of Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney. Guiliani says the amount of corruption and bribes paid was likely much higher.

He explains he is still working with law enforcement and federal legal agents to decode encrypted messages found on the abandoned Hunter Biden laptops. These law enforcement agents are still discovering more pertinent files and sorting through them and figuring out what they mean.

They have yet to examine emails pertaining to other locations, like Romania and Kazakhstan, so the full amount of the corruption could be considerably higher when everything has been deciphered. Giuliani explains the ongoing process in a TV appearance on the Fox Business Network with Kennedy.

Note Kennedy’s biased and antagonistic reporting. Increasingly, we are seeing signs that both Fox News and the Fox Business Network are turning rancid. Neither is what they used to be. Both need to be scrutinized carefully anymore. They aren’t as far Left yet as CNN and MSNBC, but what they are doing is just as traitorous.

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Styxhexenhammer666 delves into the Bobulinski Bombshell. Who is Tony Bobulinski? A Navy veteran who previously had been partnered with the Biden crime family. Bobulinski outlined how Joe Biden profited from Hunter Biden’s dealings. With few exceptions, the corrupt mainstream media has remained silent on the allegations. We will give credit to Fox, though, and Tucker Carlson, for at least doing an interview with Bobulinski.


Secret Underground Bunkers

The war being waged now is not against the coronavirus but against a powerful elite that wanted to detonate nuclear weapons to wipe out the population of the planet. Well, they did not want to wipe out everyone — just the vast majority of people living on the surface of the planet. What they wanted to preserve was a small, elite group that would dwell in some 275 underground cities spread across the United States. The largest of these cities can house 40,000 to 60,000 people.

Here, David Wilcock describes these cities, who runs them, the technology they command, and their heinous plot, foiled by President Donald Trump. Presumably there are many other underground cities beneath other nations around the world. Much remains to be discovered in the weeks and months ahead.

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It appears the prediction of 10 days of darkness pertained to the military seizing these underground sites. Pure evil is about to be exposed to the world, says the X22 Report. Why are the hospitals being prepped? Why do we need ventilators? Why are the Mercy and Comfort in the ports? Why has the censorship been removed from Google? How do you bring the country together: Children. More from Daniel Lee at dnajilon7.

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CirstenW offers news updates, including a fire in Ft. Myers, Fla., that destroys a few hundred vehicles, the canoe death of a member of the Kennedy clan and the reported illness of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Also, support is building for an arrest of Bill Gates, whose advocacy of vaccines is tied directly to his connections with the New World Order.

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Nancy’s Days May Be Numbered

It appears once again that Nervous Nancy Pelosi is losing her grip on the Democrat-controlled House. And it’s not only the radical newcomers that are bucking her leadership, but also the old guard, who can’t contain their Trump Derangement Syndrome. If the the Democrats were to narrowly maintain control of the House in November, chances are Pelosi will no longer be pounding the gavel. Here’s more from Congress Nation.

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Phony Kavanaugh Allegations

The Christine Ford charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are starting to fall apart. These were serious charges, implicating the judicial nominee with attempted rape. But there was something patently phony about the way the Democrats sat on the charges and didn’t air them until after the hearing had concluded. And the fact that Christine Ford herself didn’t air them for more than 35 years suggested monkey business.

Was she almost a rape victim? Possibly. But was Kavanaugh the actual culprit? Much less likely, in fact, probably not at all. Here Dr. Steve Turley weighs the evidence.

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Meanwhile, Lionel Nation says the Democrats have screwed the pooch on the Kavanaugh hearings. The #NeverTrump, #AltLeft, Faux Dems have no clue about #Kavanaugh, Nation says, just as they are pitifully stupid to still be putting Hillary Rodham Clinton forward as their party spokeswoman. We concur.

Clinton is not just a criminal of the worst type herself, she is married to an Old Guard rapist. If the Democrats don’t think that will upset their PR moving into the midterm elections, they are sorely mistaken.

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Fox News judicial senior analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says the new Senate hearing with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the accuser will be determined by who makes the most emotional connection with the general public. Here, he discusses the Kavanaugh hearing with Kennedy on Fox Business. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the case Wednesday.

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Finally, Steven Crowder breaks down everything wrong with the Democrat-led hunt in the Kavanaugh sexual accusation scandal. Matt Iseman sits in third chair. Sargon of Akkad drops by to talk “Alternate Influence Network” on social media, and Glenn Beck explains outrage culture addiction. More on Louder with Crowder.

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Anarchist Professor Suspended

“Anarcho-communist” professor Mike Isaacson gets placed on administrative leave after he tweeted that “it is a privilege to teach future dead cops.”  Outraged New York police union leaders called for the firing of Isaacson, a John Jay College adjunct criminal justice professor.

Like so many other members of Antifa, and especially those from the university and college communities, he seems to have a chronic problem understanding how other people might disagree with his tyrannical and violent views. How did so many of these arrogant ass-wipes land jobs teaching at our schools and colleges? Kennedy puts him on the grill.

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Media Blabbermouths

Consumer reporter and Fox News contributor John Stossel says, “Sometimes media people say things that are so bizarre that if you didn’t see it or hear it you wouldn’t believe that someone actually said that.” Stossel joins Fox Business News contributors Charles Payne, Kate Rogers and moderator Kennedy in an episode of “Real or Fake.” Here’s a teaser: Hurricane Sandy killed more than 100 people, but a TV host allegedly said, “I’m so glad we had that storm. It brought in possibilities for good politics.” Was this an actual quote, or is it fake? Find out in the edition of LibertyPen.

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Did LBJ Kill President Kennedy?

As the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination approaches, political operative  and Nixon confidant Roger Stone has an interesting take on what happened on November 22, 1963.  In the vein of conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination, Stone believes Lyndon Baines Johnson was responsible for the murder. “I think Lyndon Johnson had unique motive, means and opportunity to kill John Kennedy, and I think he participated in a plot to do so,” he says. Stone spells out his case in his soon-to-be-released book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, and in this interview with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie.

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Golden Age of MTV

To celebrate the release of Kennedy’s new book  THE KENNEDY CHRONICLES, she sat down  for a live broadcast conversation with producer and media mogul Andy Schuon, who happens to be the man responsible for launching her media career. They discussed the old days at the MTV beach house, ruminated on how cultural and technological shifts have affected popular music, and hyped Schuon’s new music video channel, Revolt, which he’s launching in conjunction with Diddy.

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