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Dr. Fauci Sidesteps Liberty

In a stunning and heated COVID-19 pandemic exchange on the House floor, Dr. Anthony Fauci conveniently sidestepped the Bill of Rights, sternly telling U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing. I look at it as a public health thing,” he said. To which Jordan responded, “You think the Constitution is suspended during a pandemic? It’s certainly not.”

The unpleasant discourse exploded following Jordan’s simple question: “When do Americans get their freedom back?” When Fauci failed to answer adequately, an infuriated Jordan continued to address the litany of assaults on our freedoms and liberty during the pandemic, now in its second year, from Draconian lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to senseless mandates regarding masks and vaccinations. Fauci, of course, danced around the issue with the usual Deep State rhetoric. Here’s more of the clash on Purple Soul.

Illegitimate Criminals In Charge

The US government is now in open rebellion against the Constitution and Bill of Right and it has declared war on the very people it is supposed to represent. More from the SGTReport.


Tyrannical Gun-Grab Underway

The Bill of Rights is clear: The right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. Yet there is a tyrannical gun-grab underway by the progressive Left and RINOS in Democrat-controlled D.C. and it will not end until we stand up for our rights and freedom.

Two gun bills–HR 8, a new law that expands the background check system so that every gun sale has to go through the process and HB 1446, which increases the waiting time for acceptance or rejection up to three weeks, are being rolled out by the looney Left. And further disrespecting the 2nd Amendment, an assault weapons ban is coming soon.

So Big Brother gets to decide who buys guns and who doesn’t. There is already a laundry list of things that disqualify people from buying guns and they are only going to keep adding ridiculous restrictions to it. In the following video, Tim Truth elaborates on the two bills and the unconstitutional and tyrannical gun-grabbing spree.

Zuckerberg’s Lame Defense

Project Veritas releases its full-length, internal Facebook Q & A, where CEO Mark Zuckerberg pontificates on why everything is so peachy keen with Joe Biden in the White House. Of course, Zuckerberg ought to be happy — he practically bought the White House for Biden and sold President Donald Trump down the river.

Not only did Zuckerberg spend $500 million for the Democratic Party’s war chest, but he and his Big Tech cronies including former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, enforced blatant censorship against Trump and Trump’s supporters.

We’ve never seen a more callous, deceitful and un-American bunch running this country’s major corporations, and especially, controlling our social media platforms. In a just world, every one of these clowns would face imprisonment for their heinous crimes.

Are they ever going to do time? Maybe if the full extent of the pedophilia they have protected becomes known. But more likely, these douchebags will escape, like so many other crooks ensconced in financial circles within the United States.

Still, if enough of us drop Twitter and Facebook, and begin to use less onerous platforms not run by flaming asshole Leftists, we can drive these creeps from power or at least give them valid competition. It’s time to get it done before they completely destroy the United States and our Bill of Rights.



Stand Tall, Hold The Line!

President Donald Trump has ordered members of his family to leave the White House, but has not relinquished his claims to have been dutifully elected to a second term in the 2020 Presidential election. Much is happening now. The President has called his spiritual advisor, Paula White, for counsel. He is wrestling with different options for how to proceed.

The U.S. military and several arms of the U.S. intelligence agencies have begun to rally around the President. The reason: Documents have been circulating that indicate the Democrats are in direct cahoots with the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. If Joe Biden is in the White House, the CCP plans to assassinate many American generals and intelligence executives. Even generals who were on the fence are now taking a stand to retain our constitutional Republic. It’s not only a matter of preserving our freedoms and U.S. Constitution, but also their lives.

These are among the many observations in this latest analysis from Mike Adams with NaturalNews. Although these are dark, thorny scenarios, Adams says “I’m in a good mood about where things are headed.” Only a few days ago, he was expressing doom and gloom. But he now says he believes the same as L. Lin Wood, that “all things will be revealed.” These revelations, he adds, will shock the world, but ultimately, gird us in our faith to weed out and “drain the swamp.” He identifies much or the CIA and FBI as the weeds in this swamp, along with the corrupt Democratic Party.

Similarly, Simon Parkes says patriots should stand with President Trump in what Parkes describes as “a fight to the finish.” The Satanists who are fighting Trump, as well as the weak-willed politicians being blackmailed by the Satanists, mean to assassinate Trump. They last attempted a serious assassination attempt on January 9. They will not stop with their deadly assaults even if President Trump leaves office. He must fight them because they will never allow him or members of his family to live.

Parkes says the Satanists and their political party — the Democrats — have bold plans to push through complete censorship. We will have no freedoms left, our Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution will be scrapped by these fiends. They will enact new legislation to give their illegal president — Joe Biden — “total power.”

Parkes believes Trump and his allies will fight these twisted and wicked authorities. He advises those of us who support Trump not to get involved. We must stay away from Washington DC and the 50 state capitals for the next few days. We will not be proving any support if we go to protest. We will only be putting ourselves into positions where we could be killed or jailed, or harassed by the lying, Leftist mainstream media.

Will Trump prevail? Parke believes so. But it will be through operations that cannot be revealed in advance. President Trump waited so long, Parkes says, because it was necessary to find out all of the poseurs and traitors within the Republican Party. Trump did not want to surround himself with these people during his second term, after enduring a first term in which they comprised as much as 75 percent or more of even his own staff. Like Adams, Parkes encourages us to pray for divine intervention against the forces of darkness.

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay urges all patriots to stand down and allow the military and National Guard to do what they need to do. We have to hope what they need to do is remove the Cabal and arrest those who have committed crimes against America, and particularly, crimes against children. McKay believes that’s quite possible. But do not attempt to get involved or thrust yourself into the middle of the action. You will not be helping. You will be hindering the White Hats in rounding up and bringing down the Cabal!

Republicans Want To Secede

Calls are growing across the United States. There’s a clamor growing among Republicans to secede, with Rush Limbaugh saying it might become necessary. We do not wish to remain attached to the United States, not when it’s becoming a nation we do not recognize. Leftists are not only openly pushing censorship and abrogation of the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, but these extremists also support Globalist agendas built around rank totalitarianism. Strip away the different layers and you expose the even uglier underbelly of the beast, including Satanism and pedophilia. More from Steve Turley.

Cruz: SCOTUS Not His Desire

Ted Cruz was among a second wave of names added to President Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees, but the Texas senator doesn’t see himself on the highest bench in the land anytime soon.

Cruz, who recently authored the book, One Vote Away, analyzing the most important SCOTUS decisions of our lifetime, says there’s nothing more important long-term than preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but added that he would decline a nomination from the President. “I’m glad that the President has the confidence in me, but that’s not the desire in my heart. I want to be in the political fight.”

And in the fight he is, proclaiming in the book that the thought of activist judges controlling the Supreme Court would gravely damage our basic civil liberties. “We got to stop rolling the dice with our Constitutional liberties,” he says. Here’s more with Cruz and Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

YouTube Bans Vincent James

Vincent James, conservative commentator and proprietor of the channel The Red Elephants, has been permanently banned by YouTube. He is but the latest of many outspoken conservatives to face the wrath of the Leftist channel.

When President Donald Trump wins re-election in November, one of the first orders of business will be to lift these social media bans and break up the Leftist companies — like YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter — practicing Chinese-style censorship right here in the United States of America. We do not want this blatant censorship. The key to restoring our full, God-given rights is breaking up the companies that are trying to damage our nation and destroy the Bill of Rights.

Tip Of A Marxist Revolution

Will it take up to 10 years for the American economy to recover from the coronavirus pandemic? That’s the projection of the Congressional Budget Office. Place the pandemic on top of race riots and you’ve got a serious attempt to undermine not only the economy, but the legitimate government of the United States.

Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, appears with Lisa Haven to discuss what he calls an attempt — by Marxists — to overthrow the US government and damage, if not destroy, our Bill of Rights. By Marxists, Hodges is not only talking about the Leftist Democrats, but also their backers in Communist China.

Here, he makes several bombshell revelations, including discussing the detention camps these Marxists have in mind for all who oppose their tyranny.




Game Over, Jack!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are using masks to keep the fear and chaos of the event. This is already failing. According the experts, the masks do not really do anything. Trump signals that Huber is about to enter the ring. The [DS] is panicking. They are going to push multiple events to clog the news cycles so the MSM questions are based on the current event. Trump has now signed an Executive Order removing liability shields from social media platforms. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth says he’s not the news. He doesn’t put on a monkey suit like Sean Hannity. He doesn’t pretend to be objective. He’s an entertainer. He can issue a video a day, when there are new Q drops, but otherwise, he enjoys time to work on his own long-term projects, like his Weatherman series.

Today, there are Q drops, including one showing how Andrew Cuomo has granted immunity to nursing home owners over the skyrocketing number of deaths caused by the coronavirus. Of course, it was Killer Cuomo who sent coronavirus patients into nursing homes anyway, so he’s the one who should be on the hook! He scrubbed his March 25 order to that effect, but it’s available on the Internet’s Wayback Machine. Remember the first coronavirus deaths in the United States occurred in a Seattle area nursing home, called Evergreen no less — the Hillary Clinton shadow name!

IPOT also gets into President Donald Trump’s battle with Twitter. Is it a private platform, or a public utility? How should Trump proceed to corral Twitter’s Leftist bias? Also, here we learn more of the background regarding the exposure of John Podesta’s incriminating emails. They were said to have been hacked by the Russians, but we all know that story was false, just as most of what the Democrats ever say. It’s a party founded on a deep well of falsehoods and outright lies.

The Democrats are burning down their own house now, and everyone can see it. Here, SGTReport interviews Bob Kudla. Tonight’s breaking news is that President Trump will sign an Executive Order relating to big tech social media censorship. Hopefully he will re-level the playing field.

President Donald Trump is stepping up his pressure against Democratic governors who are abusing our freedoms under the US Constitution. These include governors trying to prevent the practice of religion, peaceful assembly, even general business. How far will these tyrants go to push their political agenda? How much malarkey do they expect Americans to take? We’ve singled out a few of these scum — like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Andrew Cuomo of New York and Steve Sisolak of Nevada. We’ll continue to pound these creeps as long as they are violating our Bill of Rights and our venerable Constitution. More from Lori Colley.

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