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GOP Shift in House Races

Dick Morris says the Kavanaugh impact is now starting to be felt in the US House races, and many more of them are now solidly Republican or leaning to the GOP. He says the Republicans are now looking like they might lose 10 House seats, which would leave them with a majority of the House still under their control. There’s still risk, Morris says, “but the trendlines are very, very good.”

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Newt Gingrich has a similar projection. He believes Republicans will gain seats in the Senate and lose seats in the House. However, he says it still remains to be seen whether Republicans can hold the House. If so, the Border Wall will be one of the first projects undertaken.

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H.A. Goodman also predicts the GOP will retain both the House and Senate, gaining in the Senate and holding the House. This is, of course, a complete reversal from a month ago, when all polls pointed to the Democrats taking the House as well as quite possibly the Senate. Goodman also talks here about alternatives to YouTube, the online platforms to go to escape the Google censorship.

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Dr. Steve Turley sees signs of the GOP beginning to make big gains in House seats, but focuses here on Minnesota, where Keith Ellison is in danger of losing his bid to be elected attorney general. Ellison is the No. 2 “man” in the Democratic National Committee and has been beset by charges that he repeatedly beat his former girlfriend. Of course, most Democrats are ignoring those allegations, just as they snoozed while Bill Clinton raped women. Perpetual hypocrites!

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