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Make Them Feel The Heat

The [Deep State] has trapped themselves. They are digging the hole deeper and deeper. There is no way out except one. The patriots are making the [Deep State] feel the heat. They are panicking. They thought Trump would have attacked by now. They are wrong. This is a marathon not a sprint. The people are experiencing the truth. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit Of Truth launches a new series called Hot Takes. His inaugural video examines the Q theories and misconceptions being pushed by Russell Brand, the British pundit and comedian. IPOT doesn’t try to indict Brand, but admits to being frustrated and disappointed with Brand’s Q views. Have a listen and see if you’ve heard similar arguments from friends or family members.

Global tyranny is the theme of the second and concluding half of Mel K’s interview with the SGTReport. Among the topics discussed: How gold prices could spike, leading to a loss of power by the Central Bankers. Also, Arizona sheriff sees fivefold increase in illegal border crossings.

Buyer’s Remorse

What American voters thought they were getting with the election of Joe Biden and what they got are two very different things. Millions of people who voted for Biden have no idea who he really is. The reason why can be traced directly to the dishonest and corrupt mainstream media. And to be fair, you really can’t fault somebody from making a bad decision, if they’re given bad information.

But now that all is said and done–or so they think–the truth is rearing its ugly head. Take The Washington Post, which just admitted that President Trump did not incite the Capitol riot. This nugget of truth after Biden took office. Makes you wonder about the lies splashed across their pages before the election. More cases in point come from Biden’s executive orders on his first day in office. One of his first measures was halting construction of the border wall, a structure that the majority of Americans supported, and banning the travel order from terrorist Muslin countries. So will Biden be responsible if a terrorist or two slips into the country to create havoc? Again, truth versus reality.

But the post-election gem, says political commentator Bill Whittle, comes from news outlet Politico, who says it is no longer going to cover Biden’s cognitive dissonance. Whether he won the election fairly or unfairly, the COVID pandemic provided him the opportunity not to appear in public or prepare statements. Now, he’s in the Oval Office–the real world–and he must deal in real time. “Buyer’s remorse is coming in a series of semi-trucks, an entire convoy of all these things coming out now,” Whittle says. “None of these things came out before the election.” Here’s more with Whittle.

Time To Take Our Country Back

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have lost and they are now planning their revenge. This is not on Trump but on the people. The silent majority is no longer silent and the MSM/[DS] talking points no longer work. The evidence is out. It’s time to take back the country. Remember the 3rd of Nov, the day the country was returned to the people. More from the X22 Report.


A red wave is sweeping across Minnesota after the weak governor, Tim Walz, stipulated that only 250 people could attend a campaign rally hosted by President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 fans had traveled to Rochester, Minn., hoping to attend the rally. Also in the news: The American cross domestic product, or GDP, is skyrocketing. More from And We Know.

Kevin, a Department of Homeland Security Agent contacted me to express his concerns about border security, illegal immigration, and election fraud. More from the SGTReport.

Sir Patrick Mack from In Pursuit of Truth pays homage to Sean Connery while also explaining the permutations he has experienced since the knuckleheads at YouTube and Patreon terminated IPOT. Let’s hope President Donald Trump wins, and we can not only defeat the forces of censorship, but drive them all 230 feet under the ground!

Steve Bannon Ends Silence

Former Trump campaign aide Steve Bannon ended his silence on recent federal fraud charges leveled against him with a vengeance, calling the accusation headhunting of high-profile political targets associated with the President. “What they wanted to do was criminalize political speech and make sure I didn’t go back to the campaign,” he says.

Making his first media appearance since the indictment, charging him with defrauding thousands of dollars from a fund-raising campaign to build a border wall with Mexico, Bannon says the unwarranted attack is just another political tactic to smear the President. He says he was never going back to the campaign. As for the actual charges, Bannon says his C-4 (construction contract document) spells out, in detail, his $1 million contract with the fund-raising campaign and his work as a contractor and head of an advisory board that performed town halls and conferences along the border pertaining to the project. He added that Showtime Network even documented their work in a TV series during its 19th season.

Bannon elaborates on “Tonight With Tucker Carlson” and also opines on the disgusting efforts of the Left to steal the election via mail-in voting.

Pelosi’s Hairy Highlights

Nancy Pelosi’s hairy mess just keeps getting hairier. Meanwhile, what is it with Joe Biden’s IV marks? Is the dude on drugs? Is this why President Donald Trump suggested that both he and Biden undergo drug tests ahead of the first Presidential Debate? Attorney General William Barr discusses the Democrats’ threats to election integrity, especially with their push to massive mail-in ballots. What a corrupt party! Here we go! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now deploying all assets, but it failing. The stories don’t work anymore. People are awake. Trump makes another peace deal. He is bringing the world together. Big news is about to drop and the [DS]/MSM are trying to get ahead of it with distractions to clog up the MSM. The push is on by the elite to start a civil war, but is failing. Stay vigilant. More from the X22 Report.

Trump is right again. There is evidence that Joe Biden is being juiced up. And, yes, Mexico has been paying for the Wall. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Why are they expending their ammunition? The Deep State will not stop in its bid to harass and bring down the Trump administration. It’s frustrating but each time they strike out, they become more exposed, and they lose their powers. Soon, they will have to face the music with no ammunition left to burn. More from JustInformed Talk.

Pelosi Devours America!

Exposure Overload!

People are waking up en masse. They are beginning to understand and comprehend the evil that has been unleashed in America. CIA Director John Brennan was behind a lot of it, but the tentacles extended far beyond the CIA to corrupt much of the federal Deep State. More from We Are Awake.

The [Deep State] 16-year plan has failed. They are now pushing everything they have but the people are seeing through their propaganda. Slowly, the people are being united. The Silent Majority will not be silent for much longer. The patriots are in full control. They are allowing all of this to unfold so the people can see the truth. The truth will set everyone free. More from the X22 Report.

Beginning with several new posts from our favorite anon, moving into some tweets, the dismantling of the Chazistani dream, a lawsuit alleging Qatar hired former American intelligence community officials to spy on and destroy the reputation of an American businessman and Ed Henry gets #metooed. More from RedPill78.

Trump to quit because Joe Biden leads him in the polls? That one takes the cake! The Globalist Marxists are trying anything and everything to get back into power. Meanwhile, there are 400-plus miles of new border wall. More from Black Conservative Patriot.



Trump’s Sea to Shining Sea Saga

Outdoor photographer Kenneth Frantz, who has crisscrossed our land filming America the Beautiful by drone, has turned his attention to President’s Trump’s border wall, perhaps the largest construction project in the world. Frantz says he stumbled across construction of the wall by accident, while filmingĀ  the majestic national parks in the Southwest and thought it would be an interesting project to drone. So he filmed the entire 950-mile border with Mexico, putting 3,000 miles on his Hertz rental truck in 10 days, then spent another eight days editing the film. The video went 1 million-plus viral. Says Frantz, “The purpose of doing so was to show the immensity of this undertaking, the pride that comes when watching American ingenuity in its full glory and the utter lack of imagination and truth-telling displayed by our media.” Here’s his story.

Coulter’s Take On Virus, Debate

Outspoken conservative pundit Ann Coulter tackles the coronavirus pandemic and all its twists and turns in this installment of America First Media. She opines on the overreaction and panic across the nation, and the blame game from the media and Democrat Party. Also, Coulter gives her take on the Biden-Sanders debate and the incessant pandering to the immigrant community. All this, plus the FCC’s concern with Adam Schiff’s ability to obtain private phone records during the Trump impeachment hearing

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has disappeared from YouTube, most likely censored. In its absence, we bring you a Styxhexenhammer video on BitChute. Styx discusses Ann Coulter, as well as the Border Wall and the Deep State strategy to alienate President Donald Trump’s supporters.)

Democrats Push Open Borders

Far left Democrats have proposed radical changes to immigration law going as far as to say no deportations and abolish ICE.

But many on the left and many Democrats have argued that this doesn’t mean we will have open borders. People will still be screened upon entry, right?

Well, not only did they then say they would decriminalize illegal border crossings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has straight up said she wants ICE and CBP to be broken up and that Bernie Sanders has pledged to do it. Bernie was there as she said it as it was his own rally.

So there you have it. By their own definition. they will get rid of border security, end deportations and stop enforcing the law. This by any sane metric is open borders.

Republicans were already correct in saying they have been for open borders but now with the latest call to end Customs and Border Protection, there is literally no defense. No more games, no more semantics, AOC called for open borders. More from Tim Pool.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is achieving significant results with his push to wall off the United States’ border with Mexico. Illegal immigration along the border between Mexico and Arizona has dropped by 90 percent. This is based on numbers released over the month of December 2019. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Speaking of illegal immigration, the US Supreme Court has just awarded President Donald Trump a major victory,granting him the ability to end chain migration. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.



Texas Turns Down Refugees

The state of Texas will no longer accept illegal refugees. The decision comes as President Trump finishes another 100 miles of border wall. Dr. Steve Turley explains.

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