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Meet President Pete

Former Presidential advisor Dick Morris outlines the enormous power that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will wield in administering the new Infrastructure Bill. More from Newsmax.

Biden’s Inflation Nation

Sure, Biden has caused the sharp rise in inflation but there’s more to blame than just a clueless Joe. Listen to pundit Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.


What’s Wrong With Faux News?

After longtime host Lou Dobbs had his show reportedly canceled by Fox News, political strategist Dick Morris and talk radio host Sebastian Gorka react.  Via The Count, Saturdays at 8PM ET on Newsmax TV

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Bill Gates: Corrupt, Evil Serpent

When asked if the coronavirus vaccines are safe, Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates was shockingly at a loss for words. Simple question, no answer. He hemmed and hawed, as is his manner, and left the reporter dumbfounded.

Why the unusual reaction? “Says prominent defense attorney Lin Wood, “Seems like a pretty straightforward question capable of a yes or no answer. I know mine: Bill Gates is a corrupted, evil serpent and should never be trusted. He should be in prison.” Gates, who has been rumored to be a major role-player in The Great Reset, aka New World Order, is definitely hiding something behind those beady eyes. Stay tuned for the truth.

Also in this episode with Martin Brodel, he examines the Nashville bombing and the election fraud fiasco in swing states, including a look at the conniving Abrams sisters in Georgia.

Democrats Pandering Backfires

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses Cardi B and Candace Owens online Twitter battle concerning Democrat pandering. It started when Candace Owens appeared on Ben Shapiro’s “Sunday Special” and called out Cardi B for her Joe Biden interview as an example of Democrats pandering to black voters. Dave gives his thoughts and wonders if these attempts to get black votes are actually backfiring. Dave also discusses Dick Morris’s prediction that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts could be deciding the election between Trump and Joe Biden. Finally he discusses how divisive politics are seeping into every aspect of life with BLM activists harassing people at restaurants in Rochester and protesters showing up at Nancy Pelosi’s house to protest her salon hypocrisy.

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Bloomberg Weighing Hillary

The Drudge Report says Hillary Clinton could be selected as the vice presidential sidekick by Michael Bloomberg. That, of course, assumes Bloomberg wins the Democrats’ Presidential nod.

Will that happen? Possibly. Democrats are dumb enough to vote for Bloomberg, and he’s certainly spending millions upon millions of his own money to get the nomination.

Here, Tim Pool laments how corrupt Bloomberg has been as a candidate. He’ll fit right in with the Democratic Party. It’s an entirely corrupt bunch, full of idiots!

Dick Morris, former aide to Bill Clinton, warns Bloomberg “better hire a taster” if he forms a ticket with Hillary.

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H.A. Goodman says to watch closely how this goes down. His prediction: Hillary Clinton will once again be the Democrats’ Presidential standard-bearer in 2020 and she will appoint Michael Bloomberg as her vice president, so he can foot the advertising bill.  Bernie Sanders will once again be screwed, perhaps paid off a few million dollars to go retire by a lake in Vermont.

So the Democrats will go into the November election with the witch atop their ticket, the witch flanked this time by a midget. Federal law will prohibit him from running as a New Yorker, so watch to see him switch his residence to one of the two other states where he has homes: either Florida or Colorado. Hard to know whether we should laugh or cry, but once thing’s certain: We have to fight these Satanist fiends!

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: We used to link to the Drudge Report, but not since it became a bastion for Leftist news three years ago. You have to wonder now: Did Bloomberg “buy” off Drudge? Looks like the midget bastard might also have bought off former President Barack Obama as he is now endorsing the Bloomberg-presumably Hillary ticket.)

Democratic Pool Thinning Out

Styxhexenhammer666 examines the latest polls taken after the first Democratic debates. As expected, they show upward swings for some candidates, particularly Kamala Harris, and stagnant or downward numbers for most of the leaders — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Those four are the top candidates. Any others above 5 percent? Perhaps only one, Pete Buddigieg, with Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard percolating just below that point.

You might as well drive a stake through the hearts of the other 13 or so Democratic challengers. They are dead in the water.

Dick Morris also sees Kamala Harris as the biggest winner from the first two debates. Here, in a pair of videos, he discusses how she clearly cleaned Uncle Joe Biden’s clock and how Biden is slip, slipping away.

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Lionel Nation says it doesn’t really matter who the Democrats put forward. He says Biden is positively done and won’t last through this election cycle. But by coming out so far to the left as they did, the Democrats have demonstrated just how insane their ideology has become. It’s going to bite them hard — and fast — in the 2020 election.

Candidates’ Best, Worst Ideas

John Stossel reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2020 campaigns. More from Reason.TV.

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And, in other election news, following the first two debates by the Democrats. Poor Uncle Joe Biden. He is being forced to defend his segregationist record. Not only are a few Democratic Liberals ripping into him, but also the mainstream media. More from Mark Dice.

Los Tres Amigos — Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker and Julian Castro. More from Mad Liberals.

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Here we go — the highlights from the first two Democratic Debates. At the rate they are going, the Democrats might only have teachers left in their pockets come 2020. Most Americans are a little smarter than the Democratic Dumbos. teachers, probably not so much. More from The United Spot.

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Dick Morris says Tulsi Gabbard has emerged from the pack as one of the few Democrat candidates deserving of national attention. Morris calls her attractive and charismatic.

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Finally, Mr, Reagan offers us the marvels of bad-lip reading, Mr. Reagan Style.

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Warren Overtakes Sanders

It’s starting to look like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is overtaking Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Socialist, in the early primary states. Neither is in the same league yet as former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic frontrunner. But if Warren can vanquish Sanders, she stands a chance of taking on Biden down the road. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Over the past month, Biden has lost 9 percent of his support and Sanders has dropped 3 points. The candidate making the biggest gain over that time has been Elizabeth Warren. Some polls even show her moving ahead of Bernie Sanders. Dick Morris says Beto O’Rourke is the biggest loser — probably out of the race. Kamala Harris remains in the race, but doesn’t seem to be generating much spark.

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Why the sudden surge for Far-Leftist Elizabeth Warren? Dr. Steve Turley explains why.


Don’t Worry About the Polls

Several polls have been released over the past few weeks showing President Donald Trump trailing various Democratic challengers — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, even some others within the Rat Pack. Dick Morris says relax. It’s much too early in the campaign to worry about any polls. And those coming out now are not only heavily tilted toward Democrats, but include individuals who are not at all likely to vote. So, before losing any sleep, wait for results from more meaningful polls to be issued in the months ahead.

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