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The #CovingtonCatholicKKK

Says Sargon of Akkad, “I have decided to fully believe the Blue Checkmark Narrative. This smug grin is just the precursor to a smuckle, which is the first step towards genocide.”

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BlackPilled offers a video called “Who’s Smiling Now?” It gets into why the Leftists and mass media are so freaked out by the faith and resilience exhibited by these Kentucky kids. (One word of caution: There are scenes in this video of Third World idiots beating on elephants. If you are skittish, this might be too strong for you to view.)

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Nathan Phillips has lied many times claiming he served in Vietnam. It’s only recently that the truth has become clear that he’s trying to backtrack and save his reputation. Too late weasel!

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In more Covington fallout, the attorney for the maligned children, Robert Barnes, has given the Leftists who libeled his clients 48 hours to retract their statements and apologize. Already, many of them are covering their asses, ranging from the despicable New York Times to the new Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar. Styxhexenhammer666 reports.

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On this Talking Point Memo, Bill O’Reilly analyzes the attack on the Covington Catholic students and the media’s treatment of the young boys. CNN’s Religion Commentator, Father Beck recently said the kids should not have been allowed to wear ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and pleads for Christians to reject President Trump.

Our opinion: Father Peck has no right whatsoever to be attacking these kids or attempting to dictate to Catholics what their politics should be. If he’s that big an activist, why doesn’t he help clean up the Catholic Church’s sad, shocking record where hundreds of priests have been found guilty of sexually molesting children, both boys and girls? Hey Beck, how about you get off your high horse, you flaming hypocrite!

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Mark Dice finds the mass media still in a panic. That’s because they are no longer reporters, just paid propagandists for the Democratic Party. Nothing racist or provocative was said by these kids. Their crime was wearing MAGA hats, and that triggers the Leftists, who are not only control freaks, but outright Nazi fascists. When they start telling you that you can’t wear the hats of their political opponent, they are no longer members of the press, but Gestapo wannabes.

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Want to see how much of a pig and a thug film and TV actor Michael Rapaport is? Listen how this grown man addresses the kids from Covington. Michael, you are truly a sick and degenerate piece of trash. You must not have gotten your adrenochrome fix lately. Ah, we feel so sorry for you!

Maybe you and Robert DeNiro and Ron Perlman can form a little commiseration society. We’re sure you could get Nathan Phillips to play the drum for you.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has now removed and censored the original video. Here is a version of it salvaged and savaged by Bearing. Rapaport is truly a putz and a thug!)

We close with a pertinent tune from Chris Ray Gun and Rucka Rucka Ali. It’s called “Punch a Nazi.” The song was released March 21, 2017, so it predates the Lincoln Memorial incident of last weekend. But the Liberal Nazi movement has grown much more deranged, more vindictive, more violent and vile, over the past year, so the sentiments expressed not only still prevail, but they have become magnified. Who knew so-called Liberals could be so disgusting and sick.

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