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Just Say No

Edmonton, Canada, rapper RC, joined by Chris Sky, perform “Just Say No.”


Speaking of rap, the Free the Patriot Tour opens tonight at the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky. The rappers taking part in the tour include Christians and U.S. military veterans. They are conservatives who have fought Liberal censorship, not only from YouTube, but also from the blighted Satanic music industry. Here, four of those rappers — Topher, Bryson Gray, The Marine Rapper and D. Cure — discuss their work with Diamond and Silk.

BLM Harasses Young Children

Black Lives Matter is now harassing children. Mr. Reagan reacts to a video that shows a BLM militant harassing young girls as they enter a cheerleading competition in Louisville, Kentucky. The kids are attacked for exhibiting “white privilege.”  We kids you not!

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Paul Opposes Impeachment

We concur with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky. If Republicans want to see their party destroyed forever, they will support the corrupt Democrats’ push for impeachment.

There’s nothing righteous whatsoever in the Democrats’ position. Many of their party leaders are hardcore pedophiles. Pretty much all of the Democrats are receiving kickbacks and lining their pockets. The mainstream media covers up their crimes because it, too, is corrupt and dishonest, not to be given the slightest credibility anymore.

The 10 Republican morons from the House who voted for impeachment should all receive primary opposition and be booted from office. The same applies to any Republicans in the Senate foolish enough to join these cretins. More from Next News Network, drawing from an appearance by Paul on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News.

Calls to pardon Julian Assange surge. Meanwhile, the Wyoming GOP censures the wretched U.S. Rep. Liz Chaney over her impeachment push. More from Steve Turley.

Lefties Feel The Voodoo Sting

Remember how all summer Lefty protesters have been tearing down religious and historic statues all across America? Now those whining pissants get to taste their own bitter medicine.

They had erected a sculpture in Oakland, Calif., in honor of Breonna Taylor, the black woman from Louisville, Kentucky, who was accidentally shot in her apartment by a police officer. The only problem: Someone has now destroyed the Breonna Taylor sculpture. Needless to say, the Lefties are upset and howling over it! Takes one to know one! More from The Salty Cracker.



GOP Faithful: We’ll Fight!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might be pushing a surrender to Joe Biden, but most GOP voters are not at all so inclined. Frankly, we’re angry to see an election that was blatantly fraudulent and deceitful.

Biden did not win the popular vote. He won by massive cheating and ballot stuffing in four cities: Philadelphia. Detroit, Atlanta and Milwaukee. The fake and phony votes from those cities turned four states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin — that President Donald Trump actually won.

Instead of kissing the Democrats’ butts, McConnell should be raising holy Hell. We’re not sure why he’s backing down, but we’re glad to see new rising forces in the Republican Party that are preparing to fight and continue to expose the vast corruption and flagrant cheating that marked this so-called “election.”

Here, Steve Turley discusses the efforts of Mo Brooks of Alabama, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky to take a stand on behalf of election integrity. They merit our support. As for you, Mitch, how would you like a rotten banana?

There’s certainly a growing body of evidence to support the notion that President Donald Trump actually won the election. Now, Maria Bartiromo, among the best of the anchors on Fox Business News, cites unnamed intelligence sources who have told her “Trump did, in fact, win the election.” Here, Tim Pool reports on Bartiromo’s comments while also touching upon Rand Paul’s assertions that the election was stolen.

Senate Dems Spent Millions, Lost

Democrats raised a record $407 million in hopes of creating a gigantic blue wave in the Senate, but it was all for naught. It appears the Republicans held their ground in many key races, many with smaller war chests.

The most glaring money disparity came in the South Carolina Senate race between upstart Democrat challenger Jaime Harrison and incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham. Harrison raised $107 million in an attempt to win the seat, including a record $57 million in the last quarter. He lost.

Meanwhile, in Maine, oft-controversial Republican incumbent Susan Collins was outspent by $42.5 million in her race, but thanks to an endorsement by President Trump, held off her feisty challenger.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell romped to an easy win in Kentucky, despite spending $33 million less than the Democrat. Says Forbes political reporter Jack Brewster, “This is not a new theme, it’s not a new phenomenon. In 2016, Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump. Sometimes money is just not enough to move the needle.”

Here’s more with Brewster on the Forbes channel.

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Holly Zoller: Anarchist Provider

The hacker group 4Chan has struck again. They’ve uncovered the driver of the U-Haul truck full of riot gear that supplied all the Breonna Taylor rioters in Louisville, Kentucky. Holly Zoller, public figure and Antifa activist who works for ‘The Bail Project,’ is caught in a phone call admitting to supplying rioters with riot gear.

Maybe it’s time to just get rid of the FBI and just let the heroic 4Chan hackers identify who’s behind the Antifa channels of resistance. Seems like 4Chan is not only faster but much more reliable, dependable and accurate. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Breonna Taylor Aftermath

Don’t know much about the case of Breonna Taylor, the Louisville, Kentucky, woman whose death has sparked a series of riots and open shootings against police? Here, Ramzpaul explains the fundamentals of the case.

Styxhexenhammer666 says he’s fed up with the Democrats fueling this kind of violence by pandering to the terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, as well as just about every radical slimeball on every back alley or street corner trying to gun down cops. If the Democrats can’t take a stand against violence — if they can’t condemn stone-cold cop killers — then they are a party none of whose members or leaders should receive our votes or earn our respect.

Time to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sleepy Joe Biden, Silent Kamala Harris and the rest of their Leftist gang back home. None of these bozos should be in office. They are sleazy, fly-by-night, political opportunists fanning the flames of violence and should all be booted out on their asses.

A spontaneous and mostly peaceful protest breaks out in Louisville. Naturally, there’s a U-Haul truck full of riot gear and supplies right alongside where the protesters gathered. Right! More from Ovation Eddie.


Rand Paul Attacked By Thugs

US Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, was attacked while walking back to his hotel from the White House early Friday morning. Commie thugs, presumably the same kinds of violent trash the Democrats have sent out to infest major cities across America, led the attack. Paul and his wife, Kelley, who accompanied him, would have faced a major skirmish if not for the courage of Washington, DC, police officers, who held back the thugs. Of course, the Democrats are calling this a “staged event” and saying it was a case of gaslighting. But if so, why has the same mob violence occurred pretty much every day this summer? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Here is a Fox News broadcast that shows Paul and his wife being swarmed by the protesters. They were surrounded after leaving the White House, and credited the police for their safe transport.

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On Friday, Paul appeared on Fox News to discuss what happened. He did not mention George Soros by name, but he clearly called for an investigation on who is funding the rioters, and that is George Soros, the former Nazi and now terrorist in chief for the corrupt Democratic Party.

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We Are Change reviews the assault on Rand Paul, as well as the many attacks by Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals that occurred on the closing night of the Republican National Convention in Washington, DC. These Democrat-backed terrorists are out of control. We need a strong police presence and assurance that we can walk the streets safely, without being attacked by thugs and terrorists.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Rand Paul wasn’t the only one attacked in Washington, DC. BLM thugs also assaulted Brandon Straka, the gay man who founded the Walkaway Movement, encouraging disgruntled Democrats to leave the party. Straka was walking back to his hotel with two friends. He described the attack as angry and violent, and one of the most anti-gay assaults he’s experienced over the past 10 years.)


Now It’s Our Turn!

The Republican National Convention has kicked off in Charlotte, North Carolina. But you would be hard-pressed to know it watching the Leftist mainstream media. The majority of their “pundits” are running cover for the pedophile Democrats. Some of these media types are pedophiles themselves, others transgenders indulging in a masquerade.

Pretty much all of them are worthless as pundits. They are too biased and anti-Capitalist to ever honestly report on a Republican convention. Avoid any and all of these networks when they refuse to show the actual convention but instead indulge in phony “instant” analysis or talky panels.

Fox is a tiny bit better than MSNBC or CNN, but when they are sending Chris Wallace and Bret Baier as part of their correspondent team, they suck. Of course, it could always be worse: Judge Napolitano or Neil Cavuto, for instance. Then you know you’re hitting rock bottom! More from Mark Dice.

Among the speakers at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday was Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student from Kentucky who was defamed and libeled by the Leftist press because he stood up for President Donald Trump and spoke out against abortions. Sandmann, for the first time, explained his beliefs and what happened when he was confronted by Leftists — not only outside the Lincoln Memorial, but on television sets and within the big Leftist newspapers across the nation. What a courageous young man, but one standing so tall, unlike his vile and repugnant opponents.

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The Republican National Convention draws some harsh reactions — from Hillary, Bill, Nancy, Chuckie, Alexandria and the rest of the hee-haw Democratic gang. More from The United Spot.

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