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Democrats Hung Up on Mueller

The Democrats just can’t seem to move on from Robert Mueller. They spent so long clamoring for a report and now that it’s been delivered, they just don’t seem to want to let it go. Dick Morris says if they continue in this direction, they are going to hang themselves!

President Trump has announced that he would ‘seriously consider’ sending detained illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. While the New York Times may say this move by the President is to distract from the Mueller report, the real reason is because President Trump is in perpetual campaign mode. Everything President Trump does is one, what he thinks is best for the country and two, what he thinks is best for his campaign. The media’s reaction to this move by President Trump is exactly what the President was hoping for. It will only rally his base up more come 2020. More from Bill O’Reilly.

Finally, we close with a new song by Don Caron with the Parody Project: “The Day Collusion Died.”


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