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Star Boat: The Space Blob

Kyle Dunnigan and Kurt Metzger have created a new parody of Star Trek, starring, of course, Kyle Dunnigan.

Far From This World

WhatsHerFace sings, “Out of the C //Wish I could flee//Far from this world.” What was once a Disney song has now become a covid classic, inspired by The Little Mermaid.

Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

He’s not your kind. More from Lars Von Retriever.


Pfizer Struck

A/CDC’s greatest hits include:

Hells Bells Palsy
You shook me all night long
Quarantine for just 2 weeks.
CDC will tell you lies
Pfizer struck

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

You don’t need no vaccination. More from Mad Malloy.

All In The Democratic Family

In this parody of “All in the Family,” Cryin’ Chucky Schumer and Nervous Nancy Pelosi revive Edith and Archie Bunker in this version of the lighter side of life … sort of! Rounding out the dysfunctional Democrat family in this in this production by The United Spot are Barack Obama, AOC, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama and Sly Bill Clinton.


The Joey And Fowchee Show

In this week’s journey into the lighter side of life, President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci team up for “The Joey and Fowchee Show,” a talk-show format where they attempt to discuss UFOs and facemasks, despite constant interruptions from spoiled Hunter Biden. The United Spot video, of course, is a political parody and we hope it brings a smile to your face.

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Joe Draws Nancy, Titanic Style

Nancy Pelosi gets comfortable on a coach, sucking down some Smirnoff Vodka as Joe Biden draws her, Titanic Style! For those of you who haven’t seen the blockbuster movie, that means she’s in the buff! But have no fear: Her ta-tas are blotted out, so this video is marginally safe for work. More from The United Spot.

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The First 100 Days

President Biden’s First 100 Days speech experienced more than a few technical difficulties in this strongly produced parody from The United Spot. Watch as the “Three Stooges” of politics–Biden, VP Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi–wallow in their confusion and insecurities in this performance on the lighter side of life.

Says Biden at one point, “Is it breaktime yet, I need  a snack and a nap. My knees are about to give out.” Harris counters with, “My knees never give out.” And Pelosi’s retort: “Kamala, your knees should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

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Corona, The Deadliest Virus

Remember the British public information films from the 1970s? Here’s a new one on the coronavirus, done in the style of those classic films. More from TruthVideos1984.

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