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Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch

In Pursuit of Truth touches briefly in Isaac Kappy, the Hollywood actor who reportedly leaped to his death off a bridge over Route 66 in Bellemont, Ariz., west of Flasgstaff. Also, we present the full TRUreporting video that explores the death, Kappy’s final video and a possible dead man’s switch he released that shows us a 5-star hotel in Turkey.


Owen Benjamin reacts to the death of Isaac Kappy, says he probably was killed.

The Body Language Ghost reviews Isaac Kappy’s final broadcast. Who else is there with Kappy? Someone is obviously watching over the whimpering dog, possibly also threatening Kappy.

Here is Isaac Kappy’s interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Jones and Kappy discuss the depravity of Hollywood. Kappy has been witness to many discussions about the pedophilic behavior of Hollywood elite.

We close with Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion, who offers a salute to the late Isaac Kappy, the Albuquerque actor who has done much to expose pedophilia in Hollywood. Sather also gets into: Monsanto, vaccines, NXIVM, space flight, 5G and FISA.

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