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Justice Roberts The Leaker?

Alex Jones bluntly asserts that John Roberts leaked the Supreme Court’s draft of the abortion decision. It’s common knowledge among patriots that the chief justice is blackmailed, compromised and a Deep Stater, who has used his lofty position on SCOTUS to advance many liberal causes.

Jones gives us his analysis, welcomes U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to the show and shares updates on major intel.

Jabs Killing More Minorities

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted that vaccines are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Speaking at the Convening on Equity Summit in D.C., Becerra said Blacks, Latinos and indigenous people were most victimized by the jabs. Was this an admission of guilt or a slip of the tongue? Infowars’ Alex Jones explains.

Is Alex Jones Actually Bill Hicks?

Bill Hicks to Alex Jones: Creating the Controlled Opposition.

This video explores the possibility that Alex Jones isn’t who he says he is, but instead, Bill Hicks in masquerade. Hicks, born in Valdosta, Georgia, in 1961, was a leading social critic and satirist, who supposedly died of pancreatic cancer in 1993.

Let the attacks begin. More from ODD TV.

The Collapse Of Heaven

Indian yoga guru, Sadhguru, joins Joe Rogan to discuss the concept of the collapse of heaven and how it has affected all humanity. The younger generation, Sadhguru says, dismisses heaven, opting rather for fulfillment in the here and now. Problem is, to attain that goodness, they are turning more to chemical addiction. He explains on the Joe Rogan podcast.

It’s Putin Vs. New World Order

Veteran journalist and radio show host, Lee Stranahan tells Infowars that the Ukrainian crisis is basically Putin versus the New World Order, not the Ukrainian people.

Stranahan says the Russian military is surrounding cities, yet leaving humanitarian corridors for Ukrainian citizens to leave the devastation. “The people stopping them from getting out are the Ukrainians,” he says. Here’s more of his analysis with Alex Jones, including the shocking evidence on why Putin invaded to begin with.

HIV Spliced With Covid 19

Alex Jones says a new lab-grown version of HIV, spliced with Covid-19, has been released in the Netherlands as part of the globalists’ Phase 2 depopulation operations. While the breaking news is a stunner, Jones says Infowars predicted this outcome in early 2020.

“Two-plus years ago, we specifically, exactly predicted what they were going to do,” Jones says of the globalists. “How are you going to like a common cold virus you can’t escape that’s going to give you HIV? That’s really what Covid-19 is.” Jones explains further and is later joined by Dr. Peter McCullough, who destroys Covid myths and counters mainstream media lies regarding Joe Rogan.

U.N.: Permanent Jabs For All

Infowars’ Alex Jones reports that the globalist-engineered population collapse has entered a new phase. He says the United Nations announced revised vaccination protocols, mandating permanent vaccinations for all to combat the Covid-19 mutations that they now test for the common cold.

“So they’re outlawing you being able to have the common cold and, of course, the vaccine makes your body create a toxic spike protein, so they can then slowly depopulate you,” Jones says. Australia was the first onboard with the program. Who will follow? Here’s more with Jones.

End Of The Republic

Sourcing Future News, Alex Jones reports that the end of the republic is approaching.  According to Future News, the federal government has officially been captured by globalist forces and are moving to secure permanent dictatorship. Jones lays out the Cabal’s blueprint that exposes their plan to create a one-party state, and collapse and ultimately destroy America.

Blue State Internment Camps

Legislation is moving swiftly through Blue States to crack down on the unvaccinated. Infowars’ Alex Jones reports that Democratic governors are prepared to detain the unvaxxed in Covid camps for their behavior. He says those who don’t get vaccinated or protest the legislation will be put in camps. “It’s in the bills,” he says.

Even scarier, Jones says, children will be taken from healthy parents and placed in “shields,” much like what’s going on in parts of Europe and Australia. Here’s more on BANNED.VIDEO.

Big Tech Silences Scientists

In a tell-all interview with Infowars’ Kristi Leigh, world-renowned virologist Dr. Robert Malone spills the beans on how Big Tech is silencing our top scientists, as the Covid narrative collapses.

Malone, creator of mRNA technology, says he is fully aware of the multi-faceted globalist Great Reset takevover, including their sinister plans for a cashless society, the global-medical ID and more.  Here’s his interview with Leigh.

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