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McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch!

John McAfee certainly was no shrinking violet. Did he just drop his dead man’s switch? McAllister TV explores the possibilities in a new video that wonders whether McAfee and his wife are now in protective custody. Was he a part of the Q team, or merely a Q follower? Did he masquerade as Rusty Shackleford, who sent drones above Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean?

Also, explored here, lizard-faced John Kasich and his announcement on CNN about John McCain being executed. “They put John McCain to death,” he declared. We still don’t know the particulars.

Submarine Tunnel Crosses USA!

An underground submarine tunnel juts across the United States, running from Florida over to Texas and onward to California. That’s but one of the many secrets revealed in an hour-long podcast done by Jessie Czebotar and James Shepherd on the Right On Radio network. The broadcast was originally set to air around 5 pm but did not get loaded online until around midnight.

The biggest attraction for the show — a supposed dead-man’s switch from John McAfee — did not happen. Some wires got crossed on that one.

But there were many other secrets divulged and revealed. Besides the sub tunnel, Czebotar discloses that Adolf Hitler not only survived World War II, but came to live in Argentina — in the vicinity of Nahuel Huapi Lake, some 450 miles from Buenos Aires — and even visited California at one point in time.

Also, there is a countdown under way to September 19. We don’t know all that entails, but there are two YouTube channels to watch as the countdown proceeds. One is Rusty Shackleford and the other channel is Alice Down the Rabbit Hole. There apparently will be drips of news filtered and dropped from those sites, as well as possibly other new sites, between now and September 19.

There is a discussion of the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, the Nazi base on Antarctica and speculation that most of the UFOs spotted in recent years are Nazi craft from that base. There are now 10 different Reichs, says Czebotar.

Look for further releases from both the United States and Germany.

The Nazi Haunebu or Flying Saucer

Intel Agents Going To Jail?

Devin Nunes, the California congressman who formerly chaired the House Intelligence Committee, says the Durham report is coming soon. And “some will go to jail.”

The focus of the report will be on the intelligence agencies, notably the FBI and CIA, that concocted the phony Russia collusion tale, alleging Russian control of President Donald Trump.

We have waited so long for the report from John Durham that many have begun to doubt it’s ever coming. More from Trish Regan.

The Durham report isn’t the only major release scheduled to happen today. John McAfee’s dead-man’s switch will be disclosed today, most likely around 4 or 5 pm, on Jessie’s Right on Radio Show.

This is the radio show hosted by Chaplain Jessie Czebotar, a victim of Illuminati sexual abuse.  You can find her radio show at

Here, Czebotar discusses the dead-man’s switch with Sarah Westall.

Sparks Over Haney’s Murder

John Wells  interviewed whistleblower Philip Haney on two different occasions, and says both times he “emphatically told me that he’s not suicidal and if anything happens to him, all hell will break loose.” Says Wells, I’m thinking he had a #deadmanswitch…” If so, get ready for the sparks to fly!

Here, Wells presents a compilation of those two earlier interviews with Haney, an Obama-era whistleblower who was one of the founding officers of the Department of Homeland Security. Haney starts off telling us his views on how ‘the swamp’ should be drained…

The whistleblower was found shot to death to death in rural northern California over the weekend.

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Philip Haney was a good friend and source to the Glenn Beck Program, and he was a true ‘Winter Soldier’ if there ever was one. He was also a founding member of the DHS, and a whistleblower that exposed corruption during the Obama administration. Police are deeming his death an apparent suicide, but Glenn had a strong opinion about that. Watch this clip to hear Glenn’s thoughts as he pays tribute to a true patriot. More from Glenn Beck.

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Reports are now circulating of a second possible murder of a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, Kevin Spidel of Arizona. He, too, served in the department during the Obama administration, under DHS Director Janet Napolitano. What kind of corruption did these officers wish to expose? Why are they being snuffed out now? We will stay on top of this story here on Call Me Stormy.)





It’s Going To Be Biblical

In Pursuit of Truth speaks of this justice and says it’s “gonna be Biblical.” Here, he also addresses the threats against Rudy Giuliani by the corrupt Democrats who raped and pillaged the Ukraine, starting with Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The [Deep State] fake impeachment has not worked. The patriots have trapped the [DS] and no matter which way they turn, it is checkmate. Nancy Pelosi/Adam Sschiff and the [DS] players are now panicking, Joe Biden is now lashing out. We will see others do they same very soon. The Senate was the target and now the investigations are shifting to the Senate. This is going to be biblical. Q drops more bread. Confirms that the patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV also gets Biblical, reviewing the latest posts from our favorite Anon — Q. She offers her followers instructions on how to proceed if her channel is knocked offline by the censors at Google/YouTube. We’ll second her thoughts, while adding our own message: If Google/YouTube does push blatant and extensive censorship, we must mobilize to ensure these companies and their media allies all suffer billions of dollars in losses. We not only must ensure the truth is not defeated, but work to punish these Liberal lying outfits.

JustInformed Talk gets into Rudy Giuliani’s “dead man’s switch.” Giuliani says if he is killed, or disappears, the corruption information he has collected on the Democrats in the Ukraine, Romania, China and elsewhere will be introduced. And it will be introduced even if none of the lying mass media networks say a word.

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Deadman Switch-Clooney Link?

Isaac Kappy, a key whistle blower against Hollywood satanic pedophiles, was murdered in May and released a short video showing small little girls in a strange temple-like room with a altar. At the time, Kappy described the video as his dead man’s switch. A dead man’s switch is a switch that is automatically operated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death, loss of consciousness, or being bodily removed from control.

Now, it appears this building shown — the Titanic Mardan Palace — is directly tied to CIA asset and satanic pedophile George Clooney. The building is a resort beachfront hotel in Antalya, Turkey. More from Daniel Lee.

Over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Richard Stallman defended Jeffrey Epstein and berated Epstein’s victims, saying they were “entirely willing.” Stallman was miffed because MIT was under attack for taking money from Epstein even after it was known he was a serial pedophile. Hey, Stallman. Develop some sort of conscience, or else get the fuck out of town. No one wants derelicts like you running wild in our nation’s colleges and universities. More from Jamie Dlux.


Brackets And Jackets

Brackets In Jackets was the name of Isaac Kappy’s web show. Kappy, the Albuquerque-born actor and star of such shows as Thor and Terminator Salvation, died on May 13, 2019 after falling from an overpass bridge along I-40 in Bellemont, Ariz. The Arizona State Police Department maintains Kappy leapt to his death and has labeled this an act of suicide. We maintain he was killed, pushed off the bridge, either alive or already slain. We have cited death threats he received through the spring from some of his Hollywood associates.

Kappy’s response to the death threats was to issue a series of dead man’s switches, or videos outlining precisely what he knew about the most corrupt of the pedophiles in Hollywood, Washington DC, New York City and elsewhere. Here is one of those dead man’s switches — just shy of an hour long — that he put out on March 20, 2019. It’s long, but stick with it.  You’ll get more news here than if you spent an hour reading one of the worthless, lying Deep State news rags, like the New York Times or Washington Post.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Isaac Kappy video cited above has disappeared off both YouTube and BitChute. In its absence, here is one of his shorter Brackets and Jackets contributions.)

And here is Isaac improvising on a song called 1221 –Twelve-Twenty-one — celebrating his angelic aura.

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Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch

In Pursuit of Truth touches briefly in Isaac Kappy, the Hollywood actor who reportedly leaped to his death off a bridge over Route 66 in Bellemont, Ariz., west of Flasgstaff. Also, we present the full TRUreporting video that explores the death, Kappy’s final video and a possible dead man’s switch he released that shows us a 5-star hotel in Turkey.


Owen Benjamin reacts to the death of Isaac Kappy, says he probably was killed.

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The Body Language Ghost reviews Isaac Kappy’s final broadcast. Who else is there with Kappy? Someone is obviously watching over the whimpering dog, possibly also threatening Kappy.

Here is Isaac Kappy’s interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Jones and Kappy discuss the depravity of Hollywood. Kappy has been witness to many discussions about the pedophilic behavior of Hollywood elite.

We close with Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion, who offers a salute to the late Isaac Kappy, the Albuquerque actor who has done much to expose pedophilia in Hollywood. Sather also gets into: Monsanto, vaccines, NXIVM, space flight, 5G and FISA.

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The Tide Is Turning

Ilhan Omar make a reference to 9/11 and Trump puts out a video to counter her statement. Trump once again points out how the MSM is making up stories that are not true. Wikileaks might have a dead man’s switch to dump source files. Giuliani hints that Assange might be the link to Ukraine and the investigation. Trump boxes in the [DS] in regards to immigration. They don’t want the wall and they don’t want illegals in their community. General Flynn changes his background to represent the tide has changed. The Good Fight put out a tweet and it has the words “Assassinate, President” and “Trump.” More from the X22 Report.

Beware the two faces of free masonry.  That’s a warning delivered by McAllister TV in a video also exploring the notion of “house negros”  and delving into the attack on Candace Owens by Hollywood producer, screenwriter and actor Geoffrey Thorne.

Vincent Vendetta uncovers a creepy, new perversion facilitated by Facebook. Actually it’s a very old perversion: the sale of young brides to dirty old men. But now this is occurring in Nigeria with the tacit approval of Facebook. Also in this video: An examination of John Podesta and the true Russian collusion.

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In Pursuit of Truth opens the week with a laugh — some quick burns and the usual Leftist Democratic nonsense.


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