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Truth About the Euro Elections

Milkshakes and all. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Meanwhile, attention has focused on Burger King for pushing the idea of Liberals throwing BK milkshakes at conservative British politicians, ranging from Sargon of Akkad to Nigel Farage. Those of us on the right should return the favor.

Stay away from all Burger King restaurants. Boycott those Leftists! Spend your burger loot with McDonald’s or Wendy’s instead, as their respective managements don’t appear as moronic as the BK sleazebags. If you do end up inside one of the smarmy Burger King hellholes, be sure to drop your milkshake on the way out. Tim Pool discusses this disgusting, douchebag crew.

Here, Sargon of Akkad discusses the increasing violence of the left. They are destroying democracy in Britain, he says.


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