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Klaus Schwab’s Brutal World

In the run-up to England’s Brexit vote, Klaus Schwab makes a startling – and ice cold – analysis. Must hear! More from Amazing Polly.

Texas’ Path To Secession

There’s an effort to have Texans vote on whether they want to secede from the Union and it’s shockingly gaining support. Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann explains his plans to file a bill that will give Texans the chance to vote on whether or not they want to secede.

The big question is, if there is legitimate support for this action, can the state legally take that step? And, should it? Biedermann joins Glenn Beck on Blaze TV to explain exactly what a yes vote on the bill would mean and why Brexit is the perfect example for how the Lone Star State could move forward in its fight against America’s new, controlling government.

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Why EU Fears Resurgent UK?

Now that Brexit has occurred and Great Britain has freed itself from the yoke of the oppressive European Union, what will be the next step toward freedom? Which nations will follow Great Britain and reassert their own sovereignty? Will the non-elected fiends who run the EU be brought to task and forced to pull back their attempts to wrest away the power and independence of Europe’s nations? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

We salute all of the British freedom fighters who kicked out the evil Globalists. Nigel Farage obviously led the charge, but many more joined the fight, including the oppressed Gamergate players, such as the Sargon of Akkad. Now is the time to stop the Globalists from hurting any more children. The child rapists and murderers must pay! Here’s “Sargon,” a parody of “Starboy,” by Rucka Rucka Ali.

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Styxhexenhammer666 wonders what’s next? And who’s next? Will other nations leave the European Union? The answer? Almost certainly. But Styx sees the European Union surviving, just shrinking. He predicts it will become primarily Germany and France as the powerhouses, along with Netherlands and Belgium and a few “vassal” states to provide cheap labor. Most likely to be gone? The Scandinavian countries and some of those that are disenchanted in the South, like Spain, Italy or Greece.


We Are Never Coming Back

As Great Britain prepares to leave the European Union later tonight, Nigel Farage delivers a fiery speech to the EU arliament, declaring “Once we’ve left, we are never coming back.” Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, led the long and passionate fight to remove England from the EU. The agency silenced him for breaking their rules while giving this speech.

Nigel: You are a hero in our book! Take a stand! Speak freely forever more!

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Brexit is getting closer and closer, and now the instrument of ratification – the document that legally formalizes the UK’s withdrawal – has been signed and deposited with the EU. This step ensures that the UK has fulfilled its legal obligations regarding the exit from the European Union.

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In a matter of days, Brexit will finally happen and Great Britain will leave the European Union. Scotland and Ireland might well follow suit in the near future. In Pursuit of Truth says the pendulum is swinging and this is a sign that globalism is fading. It’s not dead yet, but populism and nationalism are regaining a dominant role.

Huge declassification coming!!! James Comey and Andy McCabe are toast!!! Let’s connect the dots from this week’s news!!! More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Shape-shifting Schiff!!! MoarnewQ!!! Was Arnold Ehret the first murdered doctor!!! Impeachment booms!!! More from McAllister TV.

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This is episode 1 of a series of podcasts Rudy Giuliani is putting out there, which will expose the Deep State’s abuse of the Impeachment process and show PROOF of [their] crimes re: Biden & Ukraine. The series is being called Rudy Giuliani Common Sense.

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Roman Polanski Accused Again

The disgusting, child-raping friend of Whoopi Goldberg — the disgraced fugitive film director Roman Polanski — has been accused of rape once again, this time by a French actress. Vincent Vendetta covers the charges in his weekend show, which also delves into: Emma Watson, Don Jr. on The View and Brexit (which still hasn’t happened). News Articles include: The Traitor who became a Sir (The Crown & Sir Anthony Blunt). Swedish Government funding Drag Queen Project. Warning! This show may cause snowflakes to melt!

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Pressure is building for President Donald Trump to fulfill a campaign promise to crack down on pornography. This follows a new study showing porn not only ruined the patriarchy, but destroyed the West. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.


Ringo Starr For Brexit

Ringo Starr of The Beatles fame explains why he supports Brexit. Leaving the European Union, he says, will be good for the people of Great Britain. More from PragerU.

Meanwhile, George Soros is warning that a successful Brexit could effectively disintegrate the European Union. In other words, the nations of Europe could become nations again! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Nigel and Candace Together

Happy Fourth of July!

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and Candace Owens discuss why Brexit and the election of Donald Trump was a revolt against the global political establishment. They also examine the importance of the nation state, capitalism and the 2016 U.S. election. Don’t miss this special episode of The Candace Owens Show filmed in the London studio of PragerU!

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Nationalists Victorious!

Marie le Pen’s National Rally has beat Macron’s party handily in the latest French election. These were the first national elections since Macron’s election as French president in 2017. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

And, in the United Kingdom, the Brexit Party has triumphed as the Tories and Conservatives have collapsed.

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Even the sluggard New York Times is starting to admit it: The world is turning nationalist, it is turning conservative. The traditionalists are emerging as the dominant force in nation after nation, kicking out the Liberals and Globalists. In other words, humans are not going to surrender peacefully to machine politics. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Vincent James of the Red Elephants offers a country by country breakdown. But the results are easy to decipher. Voters chose to reject the ways of the Globalists and stand up for their nations and traditional values.

The European election results confirm what Styxhexenhammer666 has been predicting the past three years. Voters across Europe no longer believe the Globalists or Centrists.

We normally don’t run the daily economic report from X22, but given the importance of the European vote, today we make an exception. The summary, “The UK is about to change. Farage’s party won and now they want change. They want to leave the EU just like the people voted. The UK was deceived by PM Edward Heath, he sold the UK out for £1.5million the same way Woodrow Wilson sold the US out to the [CB]. Trump and other countries about to change the global economic structure. Tthe [CB] Elite never saw this coming.”

Truth About the Euro Elections

Milkshakes and all. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Meanwhile, attention has focused on Burger King for pushing the idea of Liberals throwing BK milkshakes at conservative British politicians, ranging from Sargon of Akkad to Nigel Farage. Those of us on the right should return the favor.

Stay away from all Burger King restaurants. Boycott those Leftists! Spend your burger loot with McDonald’s or Wendy’s instead, as their respective managements don’t appear as moronic as the BK sleazebags. If you do end up inside one of the smarmy Burger King hellholes, be sure to drop your milkshake on the way out. Tim Pool discusses this disgusting, douchebag crew.

Here, Sargon of Akkad discusses the increasing violence of the left. They are destroying democracy in Britain, he says.


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