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Flynn Ready To Go Free

The [Deep State] is now struggling to keep the fake impeachment moving forward. The public is not buying what they are selling. The people already see the phone transcript. All other witnesses are just part of the [DS] and they are voicing their opinions, which is meaningless. The whistleblower needs to show his identity but if this happens it is game over for the entire sham. Assange is very important to the patriots’ case against the DS. They are keeping him safe. Michael Flynn’s lawyer wants all charges dropped, because of egregious government misconduct. The Mueller operatives are now trapped in their own case against Flynn. Trump never mistyped the word covfefe. It was done on purpose. The meaning: In the end we win. More from the X22 Report.

Was the corn ripe for harvesting? It is now. RedPill78 comes out roaring after 93 days in the dark. Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. The wind is changing. Submarines have donned their red lights for night-time sniping. Attorney Sidney Powell is fighting to get the charges against Gen. Michael Flynn released. Pages of the Mueller Report now in the public eye. What’s the deal with BAS? Get your popcorn ready.

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What is up with the witch Joy Behar? Can she get any uglier? The left is melting down. They cannot handle the way the public laps up everything President Donald Trump tells them. What does the Left have left? More mainstream media lies! More from McAllister TV.

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