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TV News Ratings Imploding

Don’t look now but ratings for the major TV networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — are all imploding. Why? Because the public is coming to realize that these networks engaged in bombshell coverups to hide the rampant pedophilia practiced by Jeffrey Epstein and his rich and famous guests.

Who are we talking about? Folks like Prince Andrew and Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson. All were taking part in Epstein’s clandestine operations that not only included orgies with children, but unspeakable crimes committed in torture chambers and closeted dungeons. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Speaking of the bumbling TV networks, it looks like CBS fired the wrong individual when it let go a woman it suspected of having leaked the Amy Robach tape that Project Veritas  just distributed, showing how ABC buried news of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The whistleblower is still active. Even former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is getting into the act, by interviewing the wrongfully fired producer Ashley Bianco. Maybe if ABC and CBS had fewer executives entrapped by pedophilia, they could straighten out this mess and actually resume honestly reporting the news, instead of their current dodgy behavior. Just a thought. More from Mr. Obvious.

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