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Biden Blames Climate Change

Noel Scovell, a former writer and producer for The Muppets, gets SLAMMED after saying Kentucky deserved tornado disaster. This comes after Kentucky experienced its worst tornadoes in 130 years, decimating the town of Mayfield.  Joe Biden blamed climate change. Meanwhile, Democrats get roasted. More from Mr. Obvious.

Of course, why blame Mother Nature? The federal government has created weather tampering techniques, and might well be stirring up its own tornadoes to push climate change.

Don’t believe us? Listen to this clip from C-Span as the U.S. Senate conducted hearings in 1995 on weather modification. The questioner is Herbert Kohl, former U. S. senator from the state of Wisconsin.

Proof The Left Can’t Meme

Now we have new proof that the Left can’t meme. These jackasses have their heads out of whack after U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, produced an anime meme featuring an attack on an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez titan. The Leftoids got triggered and suffered their meltdown on Twitter, where these twisted libertines often go to gnash and wail.

Already, Nancy Pelosi is demanding a criminal investigation of the meme. Someone should remind that ugly hag that political punditry is protected under the Bill of rights and American Constitution. More from Mr. Obvious.

Tiki Torch Hoax Backfires

A Tiki torch photo in front of Glenn Youngkin tour bus has been revealed to be a hoax. Youngkin is a Virginia businessman and Republican candidate for governor in the state election scheduled this Tuesday. The Tiki torch brigade masqueraded as rightwingers, but was actually made up of Democrats joined by members of the Lincoln Project.

That’s a left-leaning group of GOP extremists who have spent more than $300,000 trying to defeat Youngkin. Apparently, they aren’t as honest as Abe Lincoln. More from Mr. Obvious.

Who are the Democrats that posed as rightwing extremists? Lauren Southern exposes a few of these phonies.

America Hit By Recession!

In a SHOCKING new report, a Dartmouth professor says America is in a GREAT RECESSION. Professor David Blanchflower warns that the US will enter a recession by the end of 2021. Learn about the coming recession and what it means for you! In other news, Jen Psaki, the spokeswoman for the deadbeat Biden administration, gets SLAMMED by critics after downplaying the supply chain crisis.  More from Mr. Obvious.


Feds Spying On Your Searches

Accidental leaks by the Department Of Justice reveal the U.S. government SPIES ON YOUR INTERNET SEARCHES by issuing keyword warrants, leading many critics to say this violates people’s constitutional rights. In other news, Joe Biden’s approval ratings PLUMMETS to all-time lows, hitting 38%. Meanwhile, Twitch is hit by an anonymous data breach, revealing data on many popular streamers. Insane. #twitchleak #Biden #GOP. More from Mr. Obvious.

Hamster Outperforming Market!

Mr. Goxx, a crypto trading Hamster, is beating the stock market! Trading cryptocurrencies since June, Mr. Goxx has posted an impressive 16.62 percent gain, compared to a 4 percent rise for the S&P 500 over the same period.

Named after the defunct crypto exchange, Mt. Gox, Mr. Goxx is also outperforming cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Dogecoin and is on even terms with Ethereum. Mr. Obvious brings us more details and discusses his top three tips and tricks for investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency.

This Man Broke YouTube!

Breaking down the SHOCKING Project Veritas videos where HHS and FDA officials blow the whistle on how COVID-19 is being handled and how medical professionals are not reporting adverse reactions in the VAERS system despite being legally required to do so. A reaction video to extremely important journalism. #ProjectVeritas #COVID19 #vaccines. More from Mr. Obvious.

Nicki Minaj Doxes Journalists

Nicki Minaj has doxed two journalists. Is she a villain? Hardly. The smear merchant journalists threatened to blackmail her family if she didn’t talk to them. Seems  like they fully deserved getting destroyed by her fans. More from Mr. Obvious.

Sports Fans Turn On Uncle Joe

For the second straight week, chants of “f*ck Joe Biden” erupted at sports stadiums across the country and numerous photos emerged of children wearing MAGA hats trolling the president.

The trend has especially gone viral in college football, which is shocking, since most students are snarky liberals. Just goes to show you how the supposed “most popular president in history” is such a fraud. Here’s Mr. Obvious with the story.

Biden Leaves Americans Behind

The United States ends the Afghan War as the last American planes leave the Kabul Airport. Apparently, thousands of American citizens were left behind by the Biden administration. This is a shocking development in light of American traditions, but not at all surprising from the retarded Biden administration. The Taliban celebrated their victory. More from Mr. Obvious.

Twenty years at war in Afghanistan and what did we accomplish? The CIA got to control the poppy fields and make tons of money off the sale of opium. But otherwise, we didn’t exactly succeed at nation building — not in a region overrun by mindless thugs like the Taliban. More from Ramzpaul.


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