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Nicki Minaj Doxes Journalists

Nicki Minaj has doxed two journalists. Is she a villain? Hardly. The smear merchant journalists threatened to blackmail her family if she didn’t talk to them. Seems  like they fully deserved getting destroyed by her fans. More from Mr. Obvious.

Sports Fans Turn On Uncle Joe

For the second straight week, chants of “f*ck Joe Biden” erupted at sports stadiums across the country and numerous photos emerged of children wearing MAGA hats trolling the president.

The trend has especially gone viral in college football, which is shocking, since most students are snarky liberals. Just goes to show you how the supposed “most popular president in history” is such a fraud. Here’s Mr. Obvious with the story.

Biden Leaves Americans Behind

The United States ends the Afghan War as the last American planes leave the Kabul Airport. Apparently, thousands of American citizens were left behind by the Biden administration. This is a shocking development in light of American traditions, but not at all surprising from the retarded Biden administration. The Taliban celebrated their victory. More from Mr. Obvious.

Twenty years at war in Afghanistan and what did we accomplish? The CIA got to control the poppy fields and make tons of money off the sale of opium. But otherwise, we didn’t exactly succeed at nation building — not in a region overrun by mindless thugs like the Taliban. More from Ramzpaul.


They Flip-Flopped Again!

Democrats have flip-flopped once again on their mask mandates. When kids go back to school in a few weeks, chances are looking likely they will be forced to wear the face masks. Is this because the face masks work? Not at all. It just has to do with Globalists wanting to exert continued control over everyone’s freedom. They don’t want you to move, or speak, or do anything that might upset their absolute control. More from Mark Dice.

Joe Biden says Americans should expect new covid restrictions. Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control released a new study showing 74 percent of those infected were vaccinated. Why, exactly, were these vaccines being pushed and what do they actually do, if anything? More from Mr. Obvious.

Capitol Police Back Down

The Capitol Police Department is backing down on enforcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate, after Republican critics threw a monkey wrench into the directive.

In a major overreach of government power, Pelosi ordered Capitol police to arrest staff and visitors who fail to comply with the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals, which was earlier recommended by the CDC. Republicans immediately slammed the order and criticized the CDC  for not revealing the data behind its decision. The same rules did not apply to the Senate. The move shapes up as another major setback for Pelosi and the corrupt Democrat Party. Here’s Mr. Obvious with the story.

CIA Mudshark Attacks Tucker

The CIA isn’t exactly distinguishing itself these days. Now, we have the case of Dan Bailey, who attacked Fox News host Tucker Carlson at a fishing store in Livingston, Montana, telling him “you are the worst human being known to mankind.” Bailey branded Tucker as a “fascist” who spreads vaccine misinformation.

Turns out it was a set-up. Bailey not only had someone film the encounter, but he failed to disclose his own baggage.

This fellow, whose thinking is as flabby as his belly, is apparently a former CIA goon. He now works for an environmentalist non-profit, serving as the Yellowstone Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association. More from Mr. Obvious.

Meanwhile, there are rumblings from Jack Posobiec. He says this wasn’t a random attack and that the White House was behind  it. Wouldn’t surprise us. We’ve already learned how the National Security Agency, presumably taking its marching orders from nutjob Joe Biden, has been outright spying on Carlson. Seems like they should be focusing on the Russians or Chinese rather than one of Biden’s few critics from the Leftist media.


Biden Will Be Removed

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, former White House physician, says he believes that President Biden will be forced to resign or face the 25th Amendment because he is not fit for office.

Jackson, who represents Texas’ 13th Congressional District and was the top doctor in the White House  for Presidents Trump and Obama, says something is seriously wrong with Biden. This on the heels of Biden’s disastrous CNN Town Hall, where he was mostly incoherent, leaving many to wonder if he is well enough to remain as president. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting to all-time lows, currently sitting at 50 percent. Mr. Obvious brings us more details.

She Actually Said It

The Biden administration is now openly admitting it leans on social media platforms to engage in censorship. The target, says White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is supposedly covid “disinformation.” One wonders how many of the individuals being censored are actually just opponents of our brain-dead president Joe Biden?

Censorship is a very slippery slope, and patently un-American. Figures that the Democrats would embrace it. More from Mark Dice.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets SLAMMED for urging Big Tech to BAN users across all social media platforms. According to Jen Psaki the White House is ‘flagging problematic posts’ on social media. She went on to declare that anyone spreading misinformation and disinformation must be banned on all platforms. Critics BLAST the move as authoritarian, pointing out that it sets a dangerous precedent. Biden gets ROASTED on Twitter after claiming that Facebook is murdering people. Meanwhile, a Federal Judge orders Biden to end DACA. More from Mr. Obvious.

Just who are the dozen individuals the Biden administration wants censored off Facebook, as well as presumably Twitter, YouTube and other social media outfits? Lift the Veil brings us the Dirty Dozen and they include a number of vaccine critics we have cited or highlighted before, among them, Sherri Tenpenny and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Does the Biden administration actually believe these individuals are spreading falsities, or is the intention of the administration simply to shut up its critics? And if this censorship proceeds, what kind of censorship will we see when it comes to even more explosive issues, like how Joe Biden criminally stole the 2020 election and who, among the Washington, New York and national elite, was deeply involved with Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking, torture and cannibalism?

Stay tuned. We expect the ride to get bumpy ahead with much more censorship being applied by the Stasi-like machine behind what is called the Democratic Party.

Teachers Are Brainwashing Kids

The largest teachers’ union in America has approved teaching children critical race theory. In other words, the National Education Association, or NEA, is no longer representing teachers, but just a bunch of Leftist brainwashing goons. More from Mr. Obvious.

Little Guys Tame Wall Street

In a seldom seen scenario on Wall Street, the “little guys” turned the proverbial tables on the “big boys.” The big winners were WallStreetBets, a subreddit on Reddit that focuses on stocks that are overshorted by greedy hedge funds whose only goal is to destroy a company and make tons of cash doing it.

In a series of transactions that drew worldwide attention in the financial industry, WallStreetBets invested heavily in GameStop, much to the chagrin of London-based White Square Capital, which bet against the American consumer electronics and video-gaming firm. The final tally: WallStreetBets crushed the hedge fund, forcing them to shut down following double-digit percentage losses. Says Mr. Obvious, “The rich guys are losing and the little guy is winning. That’s what this is all about. We’re tired of corruption on Wall Street, we’re tired of a fake stock market.” And, he adds, many other hedge-fund firms have folded under the same circumstances. Here’s more.

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