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What happens when the media, controlled by six giant corporations, can no longer be believed or trusted? When it is simply an extension or an arm to a political party — the Leftist Democrats? When fact becomes fiction and fiction fact? In Pursuit of Truth jumps right into these questions in a video focusing on Q post analysis, as well as recapping the sudden flurry of global news.

Actor, author and TV host John Barbour returns to SGTReport to discuss current and historical events in a video called JFK, Trump And The Deep State.

The [CB] is trying to take back the narrative. Trump counters with meeting. The [Deep State] fake impeachment is over. The witnesses have not witnessed anything. They are disgruntled employees who are complaining about their new boss. IG report coming on Dec 9. Jeffrey Epstein prison guard flips. Q drops more bread. Graham activated, calls for all phone transcripts between Poroshenko, Obama and Biden. Boom. More from the X22 Report.

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