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Reality Werkz Perfek

For decades, normies have lived comfortably inside a “mental cage,” fabricated by the World Economic Forum — the Mother Weffers — along with their globalist political allies and the fake media. But now the “over woo” is beginning to crash down heavily upon that phony construct, rendering it obsolete and no longer credible.

Here, Clif High discusses how it came into existence, spread widely after World War II and especially in the 1960s, after the CIA, Israel and a creepy pool of globalist assassins  murdered President John F. Kennedy. High discusses why the pool of lies is coming undone and gives a sense of what we might expect next. “I swear, shit is supposed to work this way,” he says.


Prepare For Big Sky Event!

Christian 21 joins McAllister TV to discuss the pending Big Sky event. Actually, this is Linda Paris from McAllister TV doing a recap of her earlier interview with Christian 21. Among the highlights:

A dome surrounding the Earth will be dismantled using energy weapons! Ice cylinders 800 miles long will be removed before our eyes! The truth we will learn will shock the world. Q discussed this Sky Event. Also covered here: What happens to the nine million children who go missing every year around the world.

JFK Started The Q Movement!

In the future, clones will be outlawed! It’s part of a pro-human agenda that is also seeing the destruction of the Reptilians. The chemtrails we have all seen are helping us, while suppressing Reptilians. These are among the many secrets that Christian 21 shares with Linda Paris in this new edition of McAllister TV.

Also disclosed: John F. Kennedy was never assassinated! Positive ETs protected him. Some 26 Reptilian families were involved in bringing him to safety, families whose exploits we’ve never heard of! He has remained alive and served as Q+, the head of the Q team! It’s a much bigger undertaking than you can ever imagine!

Now, that they have begun to release the truth, they will focus next on dismantling the Dome! This is the first in a two-part video. Other topics covered: Demonic planets and how demons rule the Reptilians! Bundy’s 7th bloodline!

Israel Sealed Kennedy’s Murder

The CIA, Mafia and other American institutions played a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but the unspoken and forbidden truth involves the dominant role played by Israel and its Mossad agents. The Israel’s wanted the atomic bomb and were angry over Kennedy taking a stand to prevent the Israels from obtaining a nuclear device.

While Lee Harvey Oswald played the patsy, his quick murder by Jack Ruby (Jacobo Rubinstein) was meant to ensure Oswald never ratted out the large pool of participants, both domestic and foreign, behind this dirty deed. Here’s more from Vincent James with The Red Elephants.

Earlier this month, the National Archives released over 13 THOUSAND documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. However, loads more documents remain under wraps, hidden from the American public. So, what’s within the remaining, secret documents?

Is the CIA trying to hide details about its previous relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald? And when WILL we know the full truth? In this clip, Glenn Beck is joined by Jefferson Morley, Vice President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation. He discusses the ‘big picture’ to the JFK documents, the ‘small picture,’ and his own theory as to why the CIA and FBI continue to hide key details concerning that fateful day on November 22, 1963. More from Glenn Beck.

Our Leaders Actually Humans?

Is JFK Q? Our leaders are no longer humans! Alex Collier! Christian 21 preview! Ice Walls! Reptiles were dumped here! The moon is a base! Greys are vampires! History of Reptilians! There is a war on for your DNA! We are royalty! Everything you know is a lie! More from McAllister TV.

New Clues Tie Oswald To CIA

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky discuss the latest information coming out of the JFK documents with massive implications suggesting CIA’s involvement.The released documents draw a number of possible connections between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA, beginning from the early days in 1957 when Oswald as a Marine ran U-2 flights over the Soviet Union from the Atsugi Naval Air facility in Japan.

Not only did the Japanese base serve as a Naval facility, but it also housed an arm of the Central Intelligence Agency involved in research into psychedelic drugs. In The Devil’s Chessboard, his 2015 biography of former CIA Director Allen Dulles, author David Talbot wrote, “Some chroniclers of Oswald’s life have suggested that he was one of the young marines on whom the CIA performed its acid tests.”

Here, Grim and Jashinsky delve into other instances where Oswald’s path crosses that of the CIA. Most notable: His time in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, when the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt was active in New Orleans, working with the Brigade 2506.

This was a ragtag band of anti-Castro exiles that the CIA used to attempt to overthrow Castro and engage in related Cuban machinations, including the aborted 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. Grim and Jaskinsky’s program, called Counter Points, is part of the Breaking Points YouTube podcast.

Most conspiracies are psyops, meant to distract you from the deeper truth about JFK’s death. Here, Elijah Schaffer exposes many of the layers surrounding the Kennedy assassination, delving into Jack Ruby, Israel and the atomic bomb, in a new edition of Slightly Offensive called Who Really Killed JFK?.

JFK: Conspiracy Vs. Fact

JFK’s assassination was an event that changed America’s history forever. Now that Joe Biden declassified documents about what happened on that dreadful day, we have questions.

Do these documents actually hint at the CIA’s involvement in his death? Robert Kennedy, Jr. just might think so. What secret phone call was made right before the shooting, and how does Majestic 12 play into all of this?

Join Ben and Rob on this Edge of Wonder Live as they go over the Zapruder film and dive deeper into JFK’s murder.

Did The CIA Murder JFK?

There’s starting to be considerable evidence leaking out suggesting the CIA orchestrated the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy that fateful day on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

That’s shocking enough to ponder, but what’s even more startling: The deafening silence among the mainstream media about these reports.

What in tarnation is wrong with these so-called journalists? Does this whiff of scandal touch too close to home? More from Jason Bermas.

Bush Funeral Memes!

Bush funeral mega memes! Trump rally comms! JFK-Q! Giggling psycho George W. Bush! Did JFK and JFK Jr. both fake their own deaths!?! Yellow fringe flags everywhere! More from McAllister TV.

Pundit David Nino Rodriguez attended the Trump rally over the weekend in Robbstown, Texas. He says to expect the unexpected. Things will continue to heat up leading to the 2022 midterms elections. Red alert!

The Key To Solving JFK Murder

Jason Bermas goes on a deep dive that takes him a good hour plus to explore. But what a revealing dive into the proverbial rabbits’ hole.  Learn how the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service might have all been tangentially involved in the murder of an American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy! See how Lee Harvey Oswald himself was a trainee of the CIA! Buckle up, and prepare to be astonished!

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