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FISA Is The Primer

The patriots are been pushing the [Deep State] down their path, and the [DS] has taken the bait. IG FISA is the primer. This will educate the people. It will also show how certain players obtained warrants fraudulently. The wall is being built. We are now seeing sealed indictments become unsealed. Q drops more bread. The MSM and the [DS] begin to spin what is coming. More from the X22 Report.

RedPill 78, the Corruption Detector, offers a bounty of breaking news. Here, he discusses the latest Q posts and talks about an appearance by former Trump aide Steve Bannon with Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo. There’s an update on the firing of the Navy Secretary and a look at how Barack Obama worked to block the nomination of Bernie Sanders in 2016.

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Finally, it’s always a good day when McAllister TV posts. She’s a longtime veteran journalist. All the better to point out the Fake News lies and talk about who really controls the Mainstream Media. She’s in top form as the Hunters become the Hunted.

Peter Maxwell Slattery comes to Edge of Wonder again but with more information this time! Learn more about light beings, Disclosure Downunder and the Solar Flash that Corey Goode talked about too! Part 2 coming next week!

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