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Castle Rock

In Pursuit of Truth returns after a long absence, saying he’s working on some long-term projects. Fake POTUS Joe Biden has been sworn in, to the dismay, of the US-A!  Lady Gaga’s references to the Hunger Games were so apropos to the Inauguration. Biden moved to reverse pretty much all of Donald Trump’s initiatives. So we’re back to a having a clueless and worthless federal government that will place liberal policy ahead of the American people and our job opportunities. Funny how all the Leftists — like the morons in Hollywood and those who run academia — are always demanding greater handouts while trying to shut down people who actually work!

IPOT wonders aloud whether Joe Biden has been filming scenes inside the Oval Office set that Warner Brothers built for the movie Dave? It certainly looks like a possibility. What would be remarkable about that? Dave spins a fictional narrative about a Presidential imposter!

The patriots are now setting the stage for public opinion. Trump declassified the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Information is being dripped out, to prepare the public for what is coming. The memo is just the beginning. More is on its way. This will set the narrative and make the [Deep State] players feel pain at each step of the way. Biden and his administration have a Supreme Court lurking in the background. Impeachment papers have been filed and Durham will most likely begin to unseal indictments to make arrests, just like Mueller. Sometimes you must show the people. More from the X22 Report.

Sarge from Icons explains the difference between the Constitutional Republic and the dead USA Corporation, which is what Joe Biden is heading. U R watching a show! More from McAllister TV.

Clarity By Sunday Jan. 24

Robert David Steele says to keep your eyes and ears open over the new few days, but he doubts we’ll see clarity regarding the future of the United States until at least Sunday, January 24. There will be an emergency broadcast day today. Look for television and radio outlets to air news, regarding crimes against humanity, crimes against children and crimes against our nation. Patriots should not be coming to Washington DC nor out publicly protesting in their state capitals.

What’s the story behind the 200,000+ sealed federal indictments? Will they ever be unsealed? Why were they compiled? Who are the criminals named? Is this the calm before the storm? More from Freedom Force Battalion.

It’s always the darkest hour right before the dawn. More from The Prather Point with whistleblower Jeffrey Prather.

[Zero Day] Approaches

The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] have walked through the front door. They committed treason at the highest level. Why interfere with your enemy while they in the process of destroying themselves? What makes a good movie? Great actors. How do you show the people the truth, via a movie? Sometimes you need to have the stage ready so people can enjoy the performance.  More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we take a look at the incredible National Guard presence in Washington, DC, investigate the possible reasons why and do a deep dive on agent provocateurs that were inside the U.S. Capitol on the 6th. In particular, there’s an exploration of possible crimes that fit under the heading of treason. Also, why have disaster declarations been made for Washington DC, as well as Georgia, Louisiana and Utah? More from RedPill78.

The U.S. House voted 232 to 197 on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump. All 222 Democratic members of the House voted to impeach. A total of 197 Republicans voted nay. There were 10 Republicans who voted to impeach: John Katko, New York; Liz Cheney, Wyoming; Adam Kinzinger, Illinois; Fred Upton, Michigan; Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington; Dan Newhouse, Washington; Peter Meijer, Michigan; Anthony Gonzalez, Texas, David Valadao, California; Tom Rice, South Carolina.

As far as we’re concerned, all 10 of these individuals are traitors of the worst kind. They are no better than the Democrats’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or her impeachment marshal, Eric Swalwell, the California congressman who wailed about President Trump all while Swalwell had been screwing a Chinese spy and carrying out subterfuge on behalf of the Communists.

We do not recommend you go to the houses of these Republican traitors to shout at them or harass them. However, do not support any of these bastards ever again. If they run for election in two years, shun them. If they have primary opponents, support those opponents. If you see any of them walking down the street, feel free to call them out loud what exactly they are: Traitors!

Finally, we close with a new video from Jordan Sather, coming out of yet another power blackout in the Pacific Northwest. Jordan opens with talk of the new peach mint. Also, who will the mainstream media attack today? Looks like their new targets are Gab and Telegram. Face it, the Leftist fake news outlets are never happy.  They want zero competition. They want all Americans getting propaganda shoveled down their throats. Finally, Sather closes with a couple of topics always dear to his heart — UFOs and vaccines.

Chinese After General Electric?

Rumors are percolating that a Chinese consortium is trying to buy General Electric. Supposedly the weekend outage that cut off power across Pakistan is related. Negotiators from General Electric and China were said to be in Pakistan, possibly still negotiating, possibly preparing to sign some sort of deal.

The Trump administration, needless to say, would block such a sale, but Joe Biden perhaps might allow it, owing to the fact he has been privy to countless Chinese deals arranged through his son Hunter Biden.

General Electric is one of three major airplane engine manufacturers. The others are Pratt Whitney and Rolls Royce. But of the three, General Electric perhaps is most heavily involved in fabricating top-secret weapons equipment. Obviously, the Communist Chinese want to get their hands on this equipment, as well as these jet engines, owing to the fact Chinese jet manufacturing remains much more primitive.

Fact-checking outfits like Snopes claim this is a groundless rumor. But as we all know, the fact-checkers at Snopes aren’t genuine fact-checkers at all, but just mouthpieces for Liberal interests — essentially, paid shills.

Here,  Simon Parkes — a noted British intelligence observer — discusses the fast-breaking events coming into play as President Trump’s term draws to a close. Will there be a second term? Quite possibly.

Trump has apparently signed the Insurgency Act  and is preparing to arrest masses of individuals identified in more than 200,000 sealed indictments on file at U.S. district courthouses. No, none of the big-time politicians, like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, is likely to be arrested in the first round or two.

It’s unclear when the first round will happen or where it will be concentrated. Originally, these arrests were set to begin Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. But they could begin sooner, or be pushed back, as judged necessary.

Also, Parkes reveals that Mike Pence will not remain vice president if there is a second Trump term. At least on a temporary basis, Parkes believes the post could go to retired general Michael Flynn. He explains his thinking here.


FISA Is The Primer

The patriots are been pushing the [Deep State] down their path, and the [DS] has taken the bait. IG FISA is the primer. This will educate the people. It will also show how certain players obtained warrants fraudulently. The wall is being built. We are now seeing sealed indictments become unsealed. Q drops more bread. The MSM and the [DS] begin to spin what is coming. More from the X22 Report.

RedPill 78, the Corruption Detector, offers a bounty of breaking news. Here, he discusses the latest Q posts and talks about an appearance by former Trump aide Steve Bannon with Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo. There’s an update on the firing of the Navy Secretary and a look at how Barack Obama worked to block the nomination of Bernie Sanders in 2016.

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Finally, it’s always a good day when McAllister TV posts. She’s a longtime veteran journalist. All the better to point out the Fake News lies and talk about who really controls the Mainstream Media. She’s in top form as the Hunters become the Hunted.

Peter Maxwell Slattery comes to Edge of Wonder again but with more information this time! Learn more about light beings, Disclosure Downunder and the Solar Flash that Corey Goode talked about too! Part 2 coming next week!

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Have the Hunters become the Hunted? And speaking of…what about Hunter Biden? Q says more than one Senate committee has launched investigations into the Obama administration and its dealings with the Ukraine gas company Burisma. Those probes undoubtedly will target Joe Biden — who served as Obama’s point man in the Ukraine — and his son Hunter Biden, who received millions of dollars from Burisma. Here, In Pursuit of Truth explores the latest Q angles and posts.

Do the secret insurance files lifted off Anthony Weiner’s laptop hold the key to everything? That’s explored in this episode of JustInformed Talk.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now on the defensive. They are trying to get ahead of stories. The evidence, facts are now on deck. The IG FISA report is going to be released soon. Pain is coming. Q drops more bread. The movement is spreading worldwide. The 4am talking points are exposed and a new board is set up. It’s all happening. More from the X22 Report.

McAllisterTV delves into Joe Biden, Burisma and the forever-crooked Democrats. Also in this edition she reviews the latest Q posts.

These overviews become more timely as the date is rapidly approaching when it’s rumored we’ll see the first of what could be more than 100,000 arrests on corruption charges, as well as treason, child trafficking, and other illicit federal crimes. There are more than 130,000 secret indictments that have been filed with federal courts over the past two years. But we don’t know yet if there are 130,000  defendants. That’s highly doubtful. It’s more likely there is a much smaller number, including some defendants who will face multiple charges and offenses.

While a tiny number of these indictments have already been unsealed, it’s looking like the majority will be revealed in December. We’re betting it’s early in the month, well ahead of Christmas and Hanukkah.

Rudy Giuliani is dropping even bigger MOABs on the shiftless Bidens. QAnon is releasing details about the FBI lawyer who illegally doctored FISA documents. Those are the documents the Obama administration used to spy on the campaign of Donald Trump. In a jam-packed news day, RedPill 78 also dives into the trial of onetime Trump aide Roger Stone.

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Something Big Is Coming

The hunters are moving in on the prey. Assange is being spied on in the Ecuadorian Embassy. NYT is now trying to get ahead the spying, declass and the OIG report. Collins releases Baker’s testimony. Barr putting together a team to investigate. Barr admits that Trump was spied on. MSM trying to say that Obama’s separation of children is different than Trumps. Q is back and says the following: PANIC. More from the X22 Report.

We return to Candace Owens’ retort to the miserable Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., — one of the truly great and quick burns in the history of Congress. #ButtHurtLivesMatter. In Pursuit of Truth also delves here into the testimony of Attorney General William Barr before the House Judiciary Committee.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants also touches on the clash between Ted Lieu, D-Calif., and Candace Owens. James says Congress is out of touch. Here’s the reality.

Just a week after it’s announcement, Google dissolved its AI ethical board after backlash and outrage over some of its appointed members. Tim Pool reports.

McAllisterTV offers an update on the number of sealed indictments now pending from the Justice Department. The figure has grown to 88,350 — an enormously high number compared to the past, when the number of sealed indictments in any typical year numbered anywhere between 5,000 and about 12,000. So the current totals are easily 10 times, perhaps as much as 20 times the usual figures. What crimes do the indictments cover? We won’t know until they are released. But McAllisterTV offers a state-by-state breakdown, showing the highest numbers in California, Texas, Ohio and New York.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and Attorney General William Barr outline the beginnings of an attack on the fake news media and those forces in the federal government engaged in decption of the American people. Nunes is suing, not only Twitter, but the media giant McClatchy for spreading fake news stories orchestrated by Trump hater and former RNC Online Communications Director Liz Mair. Barr discussed opening an investigation into the FBI and Department of Justice to expose those involved in the manufactured witchhunt against President Trump. More from RedPill78.

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We close with a video from Lou Dobbs Tonight. Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager, says President Barack Obama not only knew about the spying being done on the Trump campaign, but actually authorized it.

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Secret Tribunals!

McAllisterTV explores the large number of sealed indictments now pending — more than 70,000. To put that into perspective, the United States typically generates less than 2,000 such indictments annually at the federal level. So, there soon will be mass arrests of criminals who have been exploiting American freedoms, some to steal patents, others to engage in human trafficking and molest kids. Linda Paris, who operates McAllisterTV, is also a skilled artist, and promises she will begin indulging her talents to produce some images akin to the deranged and surrealistic work of James Carrey.

One of the videos mentioned in this McAllisterTV report is Bill Smith’s video from last August entitled A Dingo Ate My Baby! Marina Abramowich vs. Lindy Chamberlin (First Satanic Sacrifice?) This is a truly eye-opening video based on the same case that was depicted in the 1988 Meryl Streep thriller A Cry in the Dark. The movie revolved around a two-month-old child supposedly eaten by dingos or wild dogs at Ayers Rock in the Australian desert. Smith advances a different theory: The child was sacrificed and eaten by human cannibals. We present his arguments here so you can decide for yourself who and what to believe.

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Potus Drops #Pedogate Truth

President Donald Trump keeps hinting that his administration will get serious and take action against the creeps, including some in high-powered federal positions, involved in child trafficking and pedophilia. The trouble with these hints? We’ve seen enough, for long enough, to expect genuine action against these criminals. No more excuses. SGTReport provides the details.

Troops Deployed Worldwide

You thought the sealed indictments were just about the US? Try again! The tangled web of deception is global and so is the long arm of the United States military! Thank you President Trump! April LaJune reports on the US deploying troops worldwide as the number of sealed indictments now tops 10,000.

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