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Epstein An Israeli Agent

Many have speculated that Jeffrey Epstein had a hand in spy matters. Now, more evidence is accumulating that suggests he was under contact with Israeli’s spy agency — the Mossad. Ghislaine Maxwell also served as a spy for Israel. More from Lift the Veil.

Life’s a chess game, and Jeffrey Epstein was a grand master! The rise of Jeffrey Epstein was full of warning signs that were ignored. The story of a college dropout who swindled his way into the highest levels of the financial world. How did he acquire his money, and who helped him rise to the top? Chad Prather dives deep in Epstein’s twisted world to answer these questions in The Jeffrey Epstein Exposé. More from Blaze TV.

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Whatever happened to all of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail treasure.  You know, all of the pictures, the videos, the trove of emails? Here, Lionel Nation discusses the move against Alan Dershowitz aimed at securing the release of Epstein’s prized blackmail treasure.

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Another Epstein-connected suicide, another Epstein co-conspirator on the run, and another connection between Epstein and the Clintons! Plus we’ll look at the Cue posts, the climate slush fund, and an update on the impeachment hearings. More from Lori Colley.

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We close with Jamie Dlux on the Wild Wild West Wing. In a nutshell, he shares the Daily Mail article of Bill Clinton, along with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico on a yearly basis. They would stay in a Western-style theme town south of Epstein’s mansion and party with him regularly in what apparently was an underground nightclub inside the ranch mansion. Soon, we will know more about how these sick individuals entertained themselves.


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